Thursday, April 29, 2010

There are only two post left till the site changes its name and my 100th post. In this post i'll be showing another part of my D@D adventure.

The road is quite and there seem to be no animals in this area. A few yards back the forest teamed with animals. They seem to not want to get near this area. The trees have cuts and dried blood you imagine from what ever lives inside the prison. The trees cover up the trail and you are bathed in a green light with occasion splotch of yellow. There are tons of brushes and rocks and other hide behinds. You a stay on alert as you walk down the trail. You hear a faint snap of a twig and you spin to see the goblin assault attacking. There bloody cries echo through out the woods.

Goblin: Ac:10 Inct:+1 Attack:+3Damage:1d4 move:5 Hp:1 Will:14 For:13 Reflex: 10

Goblin Archer: Ac:12 inct:+2 Attack: +3 Damage: ranged 1d6 move: 5 Hp:20 Will:12 For:12 Reflex:13

Goblin commander: Ac:16 inct:0 Attack:+5 Damage: 2d6 move:2 Hp:35 Will:16 For:13 Reflex:8

5 goblins, 2 goblin archer and 1 goblin commander. If they chose to capture the Goblin commander they may learn of the cult and plot of the Drackin. They could then go into the 2cd part of this adventure. If not then have them go to the prison.

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