Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So school's over and i have good news I'm now the leader of the Table Top Club!!!!WOOP WOOP.
So now i run the games we play. My new campagin is pretty cool weve had 2 games since we started.
1. The party gets together and finds a washed up Kenku captain who needs a ride. There unable to find one on the island but they here there's a goblin ship they could take. So they go to Goblin island and once there beat up several goblins takeing control of the ship. They then find out the ship is magical and the ship says that there is a comeing evil and they have to stop it. In order to do so they have to colect 3 gems and reunite them at a certain point. They set off but first decide to stop at Lintu (The kenku island). There they learn that pirates have taken over the town there. The party then goes to the kenku village on the island where they meet the captains freinds and the village elder. while there they where attacked by a group of pirates they succed in fighting them off and leave to go kill the pirates.
2. (Only 2 showed up and those 2 didn't come to 1 so i just did a side plot)
A skilled assasin kills a dock hand (George kills a dock hand) But his assasin guild betrays him. He then swims away washing up on an island. A desert man whose village was slaughtered gets on a ship as a rat catcher. He finds a body and is marouned. The two of them meet and then finds a small boy battling 2 boars. All 3 manage to kill the boars and start to build a raft they finally succed in getting off the island.

And thats it. Next meeting i'll have a more detailed report on what happened.