Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My 96th post only 4 more to go in this installment i'll be showing you my comic or at least a part of it anyways. Here it is my freinds so in the pictures you have the concept art including the main charector and 3 villains and the other main character. In the other you have an actual page this is a random page becuase for some reason my camera decided not to upload all the pics so i'm left with some random pics and i'm to lazy to up load them again (DON'T JUDGE ME). In this page you have the mysterious knight killing the shadow guys. The daemons are darker in real life but now there to light. We'll tomorrow i'll have new stuff.
P.S in the running of the names Inkart has been drooped becuase some website has that name. Lionday is in the lead with elemental evil in 2cd Also i'll change the address and name on my 100th post just to time it right :D have fun guys.

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