Sunday, October 31, 2010


So i did it i made a witch doctor coustume. It looks awesome and i'll have pics when i can but i lost the SD card XD so you know. Hope you all have a scaretastic night i'll be gourging my self on other peoples candy.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Did a little custom on a pidgy sprite.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Miniatures 2

A cage i made out of bits. Not verey good but it fills its purpose.
This is a fig for a freinds Female Warforged. I love this fig so much. I need to do the Hilt and i dont like how much the gloves blend in with the armour but meh it fits its purpose. I also messed up with the helement i should have done the glove color but instead i put black and well yeah. Other than that i think it looks pretty.
The mummy. I dont like how the fig turned out but i love this picture.
This is one my dad did a long time ago. Looking pretty good gob.
Thump. Hes a basic one but i like the gold on his armor that brings him together.
Jim the Zombie, who is he, He's Dead Jim. Hahahaha!!! The blade is probally the worst part but i think it looks better in person less pink more rusted.
Gimpy!!!! I need to do his base but other than that hes good.
Tac. Basic stuff snake bite leather, Mithra Silver, Sand green.
Princess The troll. I mixed Mithra silver with warlock purple and you get pink, The purple is Amynstight.
Tiki The goblin with the plan. This was my first one and i like how he came out verey nice looking.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why lionday? why pig?

Why is the name of this site Lionday why do i love that name so much? Why did i chose a pig and now have pig reffrences in everything i do.

Well in my first character was a scoorcer and could have a animal companion i remeber seeing a bird in a tree and atempting to climb up it to get the bird as my animal companion. Rafel was my first character that you know i wasn't a 8 year old boy. When i made have a Beast companion and when i did there was several choices. Bear, snake, lizard, dog, cat, bird, spider and a GRIFFIN WHAT A GRIFFIN!!!
Me: I want the grifon.
Dad: no just no.
Me: well then what else is there?
I saw pig/boar and i was sold. I knew that would be the best thing ever think of all the jokes. Since then because of Lionday (the pig) i've had it haunt me way after Rafel went off the scene tho even that's debateabel considering he never died.

Lionday was my first Avatars name ever. I came up with it becuse i wanted some thing cool that was original. Lionday was certainly original. To me it was combing The awesomeness of the lion with the light of day. So thus lionday was born and its stuck since.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

More pics.

A try at doing something sudel with the shading.
I drew a couple of lines and they looked birdy like so i made this. :D its an eagle.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good night and big blobs

Gasp exclusive content today you can only find the one above and the two below only on this blog so yay.
Well this one right here is a creature we faced the big blob of flesh. I didn't know if it was all one skin tone or multicolred so i just went with some rotten paches and a kinda sunken in face. Its really not my favrioute but its there.

Both of the jellies shown back to back. Also verey difficult to have a transparent thing in a picture (because paint doesn't have a transparent option) but the shape is easy to make.
It blends in with its back ground oh noses.

A slimy mound of living flesh that wants you added to the pile.

So my home computer is haveing memory issues the issue being its full of pics that my mom put on it. So I'm having trouble doing a lot however i now can add music to videos so that's a plus. So above are some D&D pictures made by me. Its the Gelatinous cube and a flesh mound.
The Gelatinous cube is probably one of D&D most ridicules monsters but it has been put in the D&D hall of fame because well it can kill a adventuring party if used correctly (A pitfall filled with one for example).