Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My two cents

In Luange arts we talked about evil and what we think it is. I want to say what i think. I think evil is like sand and hard packed concreet. There is a line where the sand meets the dirt and that is where evil is. The dirt can go on the sand (which shows what we think is evil but isn't acually evil) However this is not for everything. The dirt is still evil its always evil but what we call evil on the sand may not be evil later on but some things are always evil. I think those absolutes are writen in the bible. Other things like taxes is the dirt on the sand. Now sand on the dirt is still evil. If we say evil is good then that good is flawed. I was surprised by my class mates answers some said that evil was just an illusion that nothing is evil that its just what we belive and let me tell you THATS THE WORST THING TO BELVIE.

Think about it.....If you have no morals then its chaos. Its destruction. Its death. Its greed every where. Its Darwins ideal. Its survival of the fittist. Its scary. Its horrifying. There's no hope of redemption. Theres not light at the end of the tunnel. Our laws mean nothing our ideals are worthless. And what scares me the most is that this is happening more and more. Come on guys fight for this don't let us be complacive in the way we act let us stand for our belifes. This includes though who don't agree with what i say.
And now i'm done with the soap box. :D
2cd Table top club meeting.

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