Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Alright so in table top club we where still in a Orcus temple with zombies all around us. I searched the dead bodies and found 100gp. Then more zombies burst though the doors and we had to kill them. I went first and i locked the door next to me and sent lionday who tackled a zombie and killed him. Williem (Noble sorcerer) killed two and sent one back though the door. Amelinda (warlock) killed another zombie with her eldric blast. Williem's spell made it so if any one hit him they whould take 4 damage and a zombie hit him dieing instantly. My boar got asalted by the two grave hounds that surrounded him makeing him bloodied and makeing him take 5 nacrotic damage a peice. Thanks to the Shamens quick thinking my boar was stabalized. Barrow killed one of the grave hounds attacking my boar she also took a hit from its back lash. Ellacron (assasin) killed a zombie. More zomies came 3 sourounded me (they came out the door next to me) but i dodged all there attacks (cuase i'm ninja). Rafel (Ranger Me) killed one. One of the few zombies that hadn't died turned out to be a Drawf Vampire called Zorg he then declared us week (He had tooken no damage) and left. Barrow decaped a zombie and sent its head flying towards Williem. Williem also blew up two and got splatterd in blood. Serethinek killed the last grave hound and also got its back lash. Ellacron's onyx dog (which he found on a body which is a staue that can turn into a dog) killed a zombie. A few more entered and Amelinda killed one with her eldric blast its blood also hit Williem and its body landed a few feet over. I decpaed the final zombie and its head bounced of a wall of the orcus statue of another wall and smacked Williem.

So in the end the kill streak looked like this.
Williem: 4
Ellacron/Onyx dog: 2
Barrow: 2
Shamen: 0
So Williem killed the most but he also has area effect spells oh well I was 3rd but thats mostly becuase lionday got that first kill. Hey i got first kill and last kill. Anyways Lionday was left with 1hp after more necrotic damage and where still traped in the temple. We gained 200 exp witch is cool. The Minotuar and Paladin are still in the basement and the elf passed out on the floor.

PS. Hahaha 3 post left have a good night everybody.

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