Monday, December 12, 2011

Pokemon comic page 3

So my laptop is dead so i have to use the school computers to post. But! I can post so thats great.

Now onto the comic. I love these next few pages, why becuase there's not a lot of talking but just pokemon beating the crap out of each other. Exciting i know right! 3 weeks and i've followed my update every monday!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Poke comic page 2

So now every Monday from now on you'll be graced with this comic. Hope you enjoy it i do.
Now the thing with this page was that I finished this page and saved it to a flash drive but once i was done with the 5th comic the flashdrive broke so i had to write this whole comic all over again.
Well looky there its a Weepinbell.

Friday, December 2, 2011

200th post?

Well its the 2oo post. AMAZING. I cant belive we've been together for 200 post. But anyways i wanted this 200th ish post to mark a change in what this website is about. So what's this change we'll i've got a comic that i plan to update regularly. How regularly, every Monday. Well most Monday's anyways. So here we go. Oh you should be able to zoom in... if thats not working try posting it on a new tab. Alright lets go.

Our hero is Jack and look he met the girl Mary. Oh btw the strange i looking mark is suppose to be a ' this is fixed in later comics. Oh and i left the name blank on accident I swear I've gotten better at this.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zora comic part 2

Alright this is the last comic before my next update that will CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!! I think with this comic i was able to refine my action scenes without talking which will be important in this next update. (I'll update on monday) Be ready.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Zora comic 1

So this comic is recent like maybe a month old. I was trying to make good actions scenes in comics. I think i succeed though i could draw this stuff out for awhile. Also i love the ocean the backdrop can be blank XD its the best.
I started writing this comic to show a freind of mine why his character had a magical artifact and said artifacts back-story. Only one more of these's though have fun.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Souled 6

So this is the last Souled comic. I never finished it but i might maybe maybe........... So after this you'll see another unfinished comic this one is MUCH shorter.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Souled pages 4,5

Man i love this comic. I really made this comic different. I tried to give it a different type of paneling. I also was trying to make a parable to religion which is pretty clear. Oh btw read top to bottom.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Soulded pages 2,3

So pages 2,3. Not to many now. But i just realized Autum is here and i'm all kinds of excited. I love the fall its such a great season. Well i guess now is late fall early winter but its still pretty cool XD sorry bad pun. So read these bottom to top.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


So i wrote this comic maybe two years ago. Its probably in this site actually but those sucked and i'm sure i didn't do them all so lets redo it. So here we are. Have fun this one is shorter and the next is even shorter but then we'll have a ongoing one.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hero comic part something

Okay so thats it for this comic. There are two more Hero comic pages but i never finished that arch so we'll leave it at that. Don't worry there are still more comics to go.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hero comic

Top to bottom almost done now. After this there shall be more.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Okay so in this one read the top to bottom! We get to see an epic Frost fight where i wipe the floor with my main character. Ahhhh its like bleach.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hero comic daily double 4 and 5

So i didn't forget to post yesterday. No not at all. Oh read the last one first and the first one last XD.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hero comic 3

Alright bout to see some ACTION!!! And a little info about the Ghost guy. I made this so long ago i don't even know his name. Actually he wasn't my design i friend of mine Joseph Yansey made him and i just put him in my comic cause i liked the idea.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hero Comic page 2

Yeah killing that big old Robot. Still really bad XD But i love that picture of Frost.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hero comic 1

This image was made WAY BACK this is old. Yes its bad yes the drawings aren't all that amazing but it shows my art in older days and honestly its just so nostalgic for me. So hope you like, you'll probably need to zoom in for a better look at the text which is bad.

Hehehe i got a scanner

So i finally got myself a scanner which means i can upload all my drawling. So as a starter I'll show you a water color i made of Burmy way back in 8th grade. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chapter 10 Doom and Gloom

Hey look I actually posted something. Were about 1/3 of the way done and the deaths are about to start flowing like a river.

Chapter 10. Doom and Gloom

“You open it” “No You open it you are the prince” “Your right I command you to open the door” Me and Lupin argued. Finnaly Kingsly said “Your majesty allow me to open the door I am tougher than either of you”. With that he pressed a chain mailed glove on the stone door and pushed. The door swung open and showed a long catwalk. On the end of it was a circular stone platform suspended above a long drop. It was suspended with four chains and in the center was a pedestal. On which was a long blue shaft. We slowly crepted in cautiously walking down the bridge. Along the drop was a circular stairway.

“The Wand” Em said stuned.

Our softfootsteps got us to the stone platform. It was large about 20 feet all the way around. Runes were carved into the platform and they glowed with a pale blue. But as we marvled at the platform we heard a long clank. There seemed to be something ratteling up the drop and we turned towards the door it was closed. Lupin grabbed a torch and quickly lit it. The orange flames lit our worried faces. “Best take a look” He grinned chucking the torch down the drop. We saw the orange flame scan down the hole but about half way down we saw a writhring crawling mass of white bones. “Get ready” I called to the group. Kingsly grabed his great sword with both hands. Lupin tensed, his hand gluded to his rapier. Lionday snorted the air, his hair now stuck up in terror. My hand grabbed Frost biter. Saria prayed to her God. Beccs started a chant. Emm in a hushed whisper said “Rafel” then her small body was engulfed by thousands of white ivory bones. “Rafe!” crunch blood spewed from the white bones. I rushed at the beast Frost biter barely making a dent in the bones. The monster was a long snake like skeletal body. Its head was that of a human skull with glowing red eyes. Its voice boomed with eternal hatred for the living. “You have disturbed my slumber, to raid my treasure” the coiled serpent sprang at Saria. Lupin dashed tackleing Saria away from the blast. The creature spun around and lundged at me. Frostbiter met his bone head on and I was sent on a raveging ride on this monsters head. Lionday sprang knocking the thing down onto its side. Kingsly slashed his sword uselessly, except hewasn’t aiming at the monster instead he had aimed to free Emm from her bondage. Her crumpled form spwewed from the monsters belly. Saria ran towards her placing her hands on her body “She’s not good, if she takes another hit she’ll die”. The beast recovered from the barrage and went once more for Saria. A bright green ball of energy smashed into the abomonatiosn skull sending it crashing down. The bonned demon picked it self up and smashed one of the chains holding the disc up. The disc shutterd knocking us all on our feet but remained up right for now. “Saria heal Emm then get on the cat walk, Lupin Wolf strike” I said. “Wolf strike like from when we hunted bears?” Lupin asked. “Yeah Wolf strike” I said. Lupin ran to my side he looked at me and nodded. With that we took off following the edge of the disc to where the horrid monster roared Lupin leaped into the air springing above the monster. As gravity brought him down he suck both feet squarely down. I slid underneath holding out Frostbiter underneath the creatures skull. As Lupin’s weight pushed the beast down my blade greeated it, Frost biter smashed into the bone sending shards everywhere. The beast recoiled throwing Lupin off. He smacked the wall and almost fell off the disc into the dark but he grabbed the smashed chain. Lionday slamed the beast further into my blade. The beast pulled back leaving behind its jaw. It couldn’t roar any more instead it made a shuttering sound. Its eyes showed pure hatred for us. Kingsly slashed the beast with his sword but the dark creature slamed his tail on Kingsly. Kingsly grunted under the weight. Lionday made a meek attempt to impale his tusk on the creature but it simply smashed him aside. The boars body lay on its side bleeding, Kingsly struggled with the weight from the tail, Lupin clung to the chain several feet below, Saria was spending all her magic on Emm just to keep her alive. The thing locked its souless red eyes with me and shuttered closer. It was upon me I backed away on my back. It slithered ahead coming within inches of me. As its face lifted back and its bones ripped apart to form sharp pointed bones. It let out what seemed like a chuckle comeing from its very bones, when suddenly the beast’s red eyes turned black. Green energy bursted from its skull splitering shattering it beyond reconition. The rest of the body twitched falling off the disc into the great darkness. Beccs’ hands still glowed with the deep green energy. “You okay Hun” She said offering me a hand. “Yeah course i’m fine” I said hefting myself up using her hand. Lupin’s hand finally appeared at the Edge of the disc “Little help here” he called. Kingsly stuck a muscle arm down the chain and moments latter lifted Lupin onto the disc. “There you go Sir Lupin” he said dusting his armour off. Lionday lifted himself up and staggered towards me. His fur mattered with his blood but he semmed not to notice. We all let out a sigh of relief the fight over, but Saria’s crys shook us back into horror. Her voice still Echoed “Emm’s heart stoped”.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Its Halloween season the season of Halloween. Yes your wall-marts have that selection of costumes and gore. Party city is completely decked out in spooks. This for me is my favorite time of year. Its cool, its scary and I'm lovin it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chapter 10 Doom and Gloom

Yes i'm still alive. I have been working on Chapter 10 but i feel like an update is in order. It's called Doom and Gloom and some one will die. Well a main character will die. So who's it gonna be?

Chapter 9 Sticks and Stones Yellow

Chapter 9 Sticks and Stones

There where dozensens of skeletons and they all came at us in waves. I pulled out frostbiter wishing I had a hammer. “Beecs try to break the spell that’s animateing them.” I said as a big skeleton crashed into my sword. “Guys form a wall” Lupin cried over the rattle of the skeletons. On the outer wall was me, Lupin, Lionday, Kingsly and Em on the inside was Saria and Beecs. I heard ancient chanting from behind me as I tried to push the big skeleton away. My sword slashed into its arm but it had little effect. I turned my head towards Lupin who had a skeleton who still had golden hairs attached to its skull. The skeleton wore womans armour “Looks like even when there dead they can’t resist you”. “Yah guess you could say your looks could wake the dead” he laughed pushing the girl skeleton back it smashing it into another one. I heard a snort as I saw Lionday weave in and out of skeletons reach smashing there legs jumping through there ribs. On the boars back was Em jollily singing as she smashed the kneecaps of several skeletons. The skeleton I still haden’t dispatched finnaly found his sword well a sword it probably wasn’t his, it being stuck through his ribs. He made a haphazared lunge at me that I parried. I put one solid boot on his cracked yellowed face and kicked him back toppoling him and several others behind him. I heard a crack and I spun to Kingsly side and saw what remaind of his skeleton. It was a pile of dust clutched in his bloddy hand was a femur bone. “AND STAY DEAD” he said wipping his face with an handcerceif he had on him. I quickly picked up a femur as well it would make a better weapon against them. “Lupin grab a femur and join the fun”. “Aye Aye captain pummel” He said cluching one. We proceded to crack there skulls open usually ending there return to life. However the second wave had taken the extra time to get there own weapons and were using them us. I got a nasty slash on my shoulder but my femur repaid the pile of bones with a crack to face.

In the fighting I hadn’t noticed that the chanting had stoped. I turned to face Beecs and saw her locked in battle with a skeleton. Saria held a dagger trying to assist Beecs in her fight. I ran over to them and lifted the monster up it struggled but I chucked it into the swarm of bones. “Hi girls hows it going” I asked. “Sorry Hon that monster distracted me from the chant but I don’t think I’ll be able to break it but I was on to something that might work give me a moment” she said. “Umm….. Need help Ralf” Saria asked. “Well you could grab a femur and get smashing but I think you should stay here and make sure Beecs doesn’t get killed.” I said not looking at her. Lionday finally ran out of luck and was grabbed by a skeleton Em toppoling of and scampering away. “Sorry lovely gotta go to work.” I said. “Hey you yeah you with the pig, don’t make me turn you into chalk” I shouted running at the glorified walking casket. Lionday swung out of his grip as my femur bone crashed into its skull. The bone broke, I quickly grabbed another femur to use. I saw Em return to Lionday jumping on his back and they continued there bash fest. I felt a piece of metal slash my back as I spun around to see the grinning face of a skull. It grabbed onto me with its hands. Just then Kingsly rammed into the creature sending it into a wall all that remained was a bit of dust. “Hon we gotta find a red skull if we do that we’ll end the skeletons animation”. “Alright Beecs anyone got ideas” I asked. Then we saw at the back of the room a skeleton dressed in heavy metal armour. It was well protected. Its red hands heaved a iron sword the size of Lionday. It launched forwards its red emotionless face fixed on us. “Found it” Em said a small finger pointed at it. “Sir. Rafel may I take him” I heard Kingsly ask. “Um sure go ahead Kingsly”. With that Kingsly charged at the hunk of metal leaping half way to him and slaming the femur bone into the iron cage the monster was in. The sword salshed his arm but he seemed not to notice. His mighty but delicate hands griped the blood read skull and yanked it away from the spine. The body toppoled but the head was still very much so alive. He tossed it at Beecs. Beecs grabed it and shoved it into the slot in the door. A blast of light shot through the room and we watched as the skeleton and there equitment turned to dust and was flushed out by a great wind. “YEAH DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT!!!” Kingsly shouted shooting his fist up in the air. A second latter he recoverd from his out burst his calm collected face returning “Yes so shall we continue?” he asked. “Yah I think we should take a break those skeleton weamon sure know how to treat a guy” He said rubbing a cut on his arm. “Yeah we could all use some healing” I admitted. “We can’t just wait here we got a forest to save” Em said. “Um… Guys I have a solution I don’t know if it will work but I have these” Saria said holding out a bag filled with bottles. Em grabbed one and looked at it “This is a healing potion. How do you know how to make these”. “Well you see my grandmother was the potion maker in the village so I picked up a few things. They don’t heal a lot and they don’t taste to good but there all we have” Saria said looking at her vials. We all took one and swiged them down, the flesh on my back came back together and so did the wound on my shoulder. Everyone looked better and there was still 3 potions left in the bag. “I would have preferred the wounds to the potion” Lupin said spitting onto the ground “What did you put in that potion” lupin asked. “Umm.. some mushrooms a little herb grass and bullywog juice” she said “Its what my grandmother did”. It was true the potion tasted like rotten fish mixed with bitter herbs and watered down to an annoying level. Getting myself back together “Everyone good” I asked. They all replied then we turned out attention to the door. On the door was a warning “To those who enter be prepared to die Hauta”. “Well guys looks like the fun just started” Lupin said his face beaming with excitement.

Chapter 8 Damp and Cold Yellow

Chapter 8 Damp and cold

The long hall ended in a giant iron door. In the prime of its life the door whould have been an impressive door that would have been hard to enter. However now it was rusted and was dented lying almost broken. “Be careful there Rafel thing might be trapped” Lupin cautioned. I made a gesture and Lionday ran right into it. The iron door fell off its hinges and clattered to the floor making a long loud clang that rang down the halls. “Yeah great idea Rafel. No one’s gonna know where here now” Lupin said his words dripping with sarcasm. I took a long look down the hall then said to Lupin “Yeah well I don’t think anything is really listeing there’s only skeleton’s down there” I said. The hall had rows of skeletons some in better shape than others. I put a solid foot down into the hall and strode a bit farther down. I turned to the others “Yeah probably traped but come-on”. The rest of the group hesitantly followed they soon joined me in the center of the hall. Rebecca looked at the floor “Hmmmm Hun come look at this” she said to me. “Yeah what is it Beccs” I said looking at the floor. The floor had a patern in the center was a big circle with four lines of runes coming out from it and to the edges of the room. “Well see this rune here is for life and the one there is for death and where standing on a trigger for” she sprang up almost knocking her head into mine. “Rafel do you know what this room is full of?” Rebecca asked. “Skeletons” “Yes and the runes here bring them back to life” She said. I turned and looked at them they seemed to be in the same position. “Okay then why haven’t we been attacked yet” I asked. “There waiting” she said “look at that one there” she said pointing at a very new one. I looked at it and sow it slowly twitch. “Hey guys don’t get near the walls” I said. “Darn and I was about to give one a hug to” Em said. “Rafel I think we should keep moveing” Lupin said. “I agree with sir Lupin I think that whould be a capital idea”. “Yeah guys lets keep moveing forward” I said. We cautiously made our way to the other big iron doors on the far side. On the door was wrighting but it was of an old elfish tounge there was also what looked like the imprent of a skull. I put my hands on the door and tried to push it open. “Good try Hun but I don’t think that’ll work”. “What does the wrighting say Beecs” I asked. “Sorry hun I don’t know Kingly you know”? “I must apologize for my lack of knowledge sir lupin”? “Nope Saria you got any ideas”? “Oh me um sorry everyone I don’t know what that means”. We all sat I silence. “Oh Hey guys lets ask the brownie no? it talks about the wand and then says theres a guardian well more like an evil spirt of some kind” Em said. “Um Em do you know how to get the door open” I asked. “My guess is take a skull and put it in the key hole” she said tapping the hole with her sword. “Right I’ll just go and take a skeleton’s head off” Lupin said. As he turned around to find a sutible canadite for his surgery he saw a wave of bones approaching. “Hey guys the good news is we have a lot of willing volenteurs”. Then the battle started.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lost Years Chapter 7-Y

You know i kinda don't like this chapter then again most of the stuff that comes from deep within i don't like causes I'm scared others wont either.

Chapter 7 How long must you wait for love?

Frostbiter buried its blue tip into the ground my hand not having the power to hold its now heavy blade. My eyes ignoring the grunt of the man on the ground and Em’s struggles to break the others man’s grip, my eyes where focused on the girl. The girls hair was like waves of brown beauty, they washed over my eyes drawing me near. Her curved body was displaced by the heavy studded leather she wore now. But underneath the armour she wore a dress made of silk that had her family’s pattern stitched on. She held a bow pointed at me but her eyes, oh those pools of shining blue sapphires, grew wide and the arrow fell to the ground. Her simple lips curved forming the words “Rafel” but no sound escaped them. I nodded as if it was all I could do, that and cry. I remember I did a lot of crying. The tears just whouldn’t stop I wasn’t sad no infact I was filled with joy I had never experienced before except around her. “Saria” I said my voice weak I didn’t even know if she heard me. We both made small steps towards one another “I thought you where dead” we both said. “The elves” I said avoiding her eyes remembering that horrible sight. “We thought the Orcs where still there when you sent that letter saying how you planded to come home we escaped that night I didn’t know if you where still” I silenced her with my lips. I wanted to do more to show her my love but in that moment I didn’t know how to convey it except by pressing ones lips to another to try to give your spirit to another. My arms slid around her I wanted to hold her and never let go to protect her. The rest of the world vanished it was me and her that’s all that mattered. Then I was jerked away from her “Rafel its great to see you” the man that had previously had a dagger to my back said. He hugged me it was an awkward hug my focus on Saria. Only once he let go did I realize who it was. “Oh Lupin its you” my face red. I felt Em kick me hard in the leg “We have a forest to clensens and you’re here snogging with your girl” she huffed. “Bout time you came back what brought you back the orcs, the posion the girl” He said jabbing me. “Oh stop teasing the poor boy Lupin I don’t think his minds clear right now” the other girl said. “Yes, it does seem prince Rafel is a bit out of sorts” the other man said. My head still in a fog “Oh hello Rebeca and Kingsly nice to see you”. Kingsly’s voice took the tone of a disappointed parent “Its Sir Kingsly’s”. Rebeca slapped Kingsly on the back of the head “Stop being such stick in the mud Kingles” Rebeca said. “I am the eldest of the two here so I should be shown respect”. “You where born only a minute ahead of me I whould have been out sooner but you got in the way”. The two began to argue over there fight Lupin turned back to me “I see you found yourself another sidekick” Lupin joked “That pig’s got a mighty kick” he said rubbing his shoulder. “Yeah sorry bout that Lionday can be a bit reckless espically around assailants” i said brining up there assault. “After being in a masacere you tend to be untrusting” Lupin sneered. Lupin stood there in thick fancy boots his poofing white pants showing little signs of dirt. He wore chainmail with a studded jacket above it. He had two blades at his side and like all half elves wore a rugged beared. His beared was a blond and it had been shaved into a simple little truff of hair. His blond hair stood peaked no matter how much he moved the hair still poked towards his. “I see you still have that rugged mountain hair”. “Hey it gets the ladies, unlike your short ears”. I rubbed my ear “Its not that short”. “Its worse than a humans ear” he laughed. “Wan’t another kick from the boar”? “Can’t say I would” Lupin said feeling the bruise on his back. I turned towards the argueing siblings. Kingsly wore a bright shining platemail. His spear was buried in the ground a while his hands moved emphasizing each word. Rebbeca held her magical tome inside of her arm. Her perfect black bun held together while her thin lips ran at a mile a minute. Em looked at the reuion a bit out of place and said “Hi guys I’m Em brownie wants to save her home from a bunch of orcs and a mysterious posion anyone wanna help” Lionday snorted as well. “I presume the “brownie” is right we have dilly dalled here to much” kingsly said. We began to trudge down the dark tunnel. Lupin leading Em behind him wanting to be between the swordsman and the wizard. Kingsly and Rebeca “talked” behind Em, while me and Saria held hands in the back, Lionday looked at me rolled his eyes then wen’t letting Em ride him for a bit.

The men where ready to fight. We only had a small battalion at out disposial. The king wished to suplly us with more but he was faced with other matters that needed his attention. In truth the west elves wheren’t well liked by many folks, they thought of them as selfish tree huggers. I had no opnion on the matter I didn’t know any besides Rafel and he is a strange one. I took a seat at the table Mitos, Elacron, Alegred, Borrow and Sidrith. “So where are we with the troops” Elacron asked. “They are ready to go at the break of day, there heading round the mountain” I said simply. After that the group split up around the bar, Sidrith turned in for the night, Alegred and Mitos had a few at the bar and Elacron went to feel around some mans pocket. It was me and Borrow. I quickly stood up very unconfertable at that moment. “I…..” I needed an excuss to leave “I have to go… the bathroom” I said lamely. Borrow seemingly unfazed by this “Okay hope you have fun in there” She said waveing me off. I scurried to the door of the bathroom and practicly broke it opening it so fast. It thumped into the wall the thump echoing hollowly. I smacked myself very hard for being such an idiot but what else could I do.

The travels with the troop wasn’t bad, we where able to make good time and it was uneventful. No word from Rafel yet though I wondred where that elf was.