Saturday, May 21, 2011

Miniatures galore

So lets just say a few months in a book bag in the worst spot possible with no protection was rough on them. So saddly i had to start over and make more. So here's what i made
This guy was almost all done without a brush the base however was done with a brush. I really love this one the only weird thing is that he's scratching his butt.

This guy was made withought the brush (Didn't have it yet saddly) but i think i went back over and either dry brushed the orange and silver on there. Or it just leaked through. So blurry and he only has one arm.
The medics the awesome medics. The one to your right was made without the brust first but later i took a white dry brush to it and added the red. The left one i made i think the colors on it are a little bit to much but he's deffnitly cooler :D
I was testing out how to paint armour. Saddly the bone parts came out weird and i don't think red metal and silver go together well.
My first brushy. Isn't he gorgeous with his cultist appel. Now something about him that threw me off he has a human body but on the figgure he had a skeleton head. I took the paint glopping it on the face to cover up his boney face. Now he's ready to rule his undead minnons.
Ah Goblin/Troll/ monster things. I like to make them all diffrent by useing diffrent belt colors. However the weapons also give them away and skin tone as well. The blue one is a sea Goblin (For my new campagin). I really like the 2cd one on the right (The one with the mourning star). Hes just the right color.

He was red and yellow then he was orange then i threw in gold. Hes really a mess of a man oh well.
I'm constantly messing with this skeleton trying to make him look better I really hate that shaft really gonna recolor that.

I plan to put a weapon on that Gobbling but till then he's gonna take down adventures with his fist of JUSTICE!!!!

Well hope you enjoyed this look at Miniatures. I have more on the way XD these will be like 10 times better hopefully.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 7 How long must you wait for love?

Frostbiter buried its blue tip into the ground my hand not having the power to hold its now heavy blade. My eyes ignoring the grunt of the man on the ground and Em’s struggles to break the others man’s grip, my eyes where focused on the girl. The girls hair was like waves of brown beauty, they washed over my eyes drawing me near. Her curved body was displaced by the heavy studded leather she wore now. But underneath the armour she wore a dress made of silk that had her family’s pattern stitched on. She held a bow pointed at me but her eyes, oh those pools of shining blue sapphires, grew wide and the arrow fell to the ground. Her simple lips curved forming the words “Rafel” but no sound escaped them. I nodded as if it was all I could do, that and cry. I remember I did a lot of crying. The tears just whouldn’t stop I wasn’t sad no infact I was filled with joy I had never experienced before except around her. “Saria” I said my voice weak I didn’t even know if she heard me. We both made small steps towards one another “I thought you where dead” we both said. “The elves” I said avoiding her eyes remembering that horrible sight. “We thought the Orcs where still there when you sent that letter saying how you planded to come home we escaped that night I didn’t know if you where still” I silenced her with my lips. I wanted to do more to show her my love but in that moment I didn’t know how to convey it except by pressing ones lips to another to try to give your spirit to another. My arms slid around her I wanted to hold her and never let go to protect her. The rest of the world vanished it was me and her that’s all that mattered. Then she pulled me back into realilty “Rafel, we have to stop the posion” she said pushing out of my hold. “I love you” I said meakly the only thing I could think about at that moment. “I love you to” She said locking eyes with me. I grinned like a madman and she blushed a bright red. “You to done snogging yet” I heard a jolly voice say. I spun around and greeted the man’s warm hug “Lupin its been so long” I said realizing him. “Bout time you came back what brought you back the orcs, the posion the girl” He said jabbing me. “The girl” I said smiling at her. “I see you found yourself another sidekick” Lupin joked “That pig’s got a mighty kick” he said rubbing his shoulder. “Yeah sorry bout that Lionday can be a bit reckless espically around assailants” i said brining up there assault. “After being in a masacere you tend to be untrusting” Lupin sneered. Lupin stood there in thick fancy boots his poofing white pants showing little signs of dirt. He wore chainmail with a studded jacket above it. He had two blades at his side and like all half elves wore a rugged beared. His beared was a blond and it had been shaved into a simple little truff of hair. His blond hair stood peaked no matter how much he moved the hair still poked towards his nose. Lupin was a half elf, half-elf is a species of hybrind unlike most which are either unable to breed or have both weakness of there parents Half-elves are able to breed and mix the best of both races. They have the elves quickness and ability to learn along with a long life span, but the humans hair and there ability to adapt. Lupin’s mother was a human and she was killed soon after his birth by a mysterious murderer. His father in depression joined the royal army and soon died when Lupin was only six. My family took in the Orphan and me and him already being good friends grew inseprebale. He infact was the first to introduce me to Saria. Despite his many hardships Lupin always was a light of happiness. “I see your point no harm done I suppose” I laughed. The two other elves I also knew. “Kingsly and Rebeca” I said hugging the two of them. “You’ve grown haven’t you” Kingsly said. “Yeas and look at those muscles very big aren’t they” Rebeca chimed in. Kingsly and Rebeca thought the same, acted the same, talked the same, this might be due to the fact that there twins. They wheren’t identical but they where born at the same time with Kingsly being a few minutes ahead of his sister. Kingsly wore a bright shining platemail. He held up a spear implanted in the ground his helment resting on its butt. Rebeca wore a long flowing robe. She carried a book her deep black hair was tied back into a bun. She was a wizard and was known for her abilty to summon creatures a very usefull trick. Em looked at the reuion and said “Hi guys I’m Em brownie wants to save her home from a bunch of orcs and a mysterious posion anyone wanna help” Lionday snorted as well. “Yeah we wasted to much time as is lets go” Lupin said. With that we took off down the tunnel. Lupin leading Em behind him wanting to be between the swordsman and the wizard. Kingsly and Rebeca talked behind Em, while me and Saria held hands in the back, Lionday looked at me rolled his eyes then wen’t letting Em ride him for a bit. I was filled with hope, hope that my old life wasn’t gone completely and that I could always start a new one.
The men where ready to fight. We only had a small battalion at out disposial. The king wished to suplly us with more but he was faced with other matters that needed his attention. In truth the west elves wheren’t well liked by many folks, they thought of them as selfish tree huggers. I had no opnion on the matter I didn’t know any besides Rafel and he is a strange one. I took a seat at the table Mitos, Elacron, Alegred, Borrow and Sidrith. “So where are we with the troops” Elacron asked. “They are ready to go in the mourning, there takeing the path around the mountain” I said simply. After that the group split up around the bar, Sidrith turned in for the night, Alegred and Mitos had a few at the bar and Elacron went to feel around some mans pocket. It was me and Borrow. I quickly stood up very unconfertable at that moment. “I…..” I needed an excuss to leave “I have to go… the bathroom” I said lamely. Borrow seemingly unfazed by this “Okay hope you have fun in there” She said waveing me off. I scurried to the door of the bathroom and practicly broke it opening it so fast. It thumped into the wall the thump echoing hollowly.
The travels with the troop wasn’t bad, we where able to make good time and it was uneventful. No word from Rafel yet though I wondred where that elf was.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

6th chapter update

So i added more to the 5th chapter so i've includded that.

The sun shone through the dieing tree top as we started our journey. “To the Sental are you crazy Rafel” Em said. “Look its just a legend, I bet its not even true” I said not looking down at her. “They don’t make up stories like that” she said somely. The Sental was a legend that was told in the comfort of ones home. It was something to horrifying for someone to risk it hearing it outside. The Sental was said to be the guard of a bridge so terrible was it that it killed a god with its bare hands. It was always said to guard the bridge to the cave of wonders but no one dared to try to pass his bridge. Using the map i was able to find the bridge. We came out of the forest and starred out at a long drop. The drop was 20 feet or so into a rageing river that shot droplets of water off the rocks and the breeze lifted so it whould hit you standing 20 feet above it. It was called the Flying water bridge. It was old stone that was a deep yellow that had moss growing in the cracks. Ever few feet it had an arch in it. Halfway across was a statue of a solider that held a sword to the sky, it held a sword in its left hand pointed at the sky and a shield at its side. His long hair hanged on his sides his stoney weathered face covered his identity. I gulped i had heared the stories about this bridge the sental was said to be the soul of a great soilder trapped indside of stone. He guarded the bridge looking for a great warrior who could best him. To gain passage across you had to defeat him. Course no one dared to try in fear they whould be destroyed by this stone statue. “Look I’ll cross first if nothing happens then you have nothing to worry about” I said. Em nodded eyes focused on the statue. I pulled Lionday over “Listine keep an eye on Em okay” I said rubbing the boars head. With a deep breath I stepped onto the bridge and made my way to the greatest warrior of all time.
Chapter 6. Old lives, Old freinds
The first steps where easy then I stood in the circle that surrouned the solider and then I worried. I had only one foot in I brought the other one in and then there was a beam of light. It came from the sky and struck the warrior in stone. The old stone came to life forming armour on a fleshy body. The rocky hair became smooth and flowed with the strong breeze. The weatherd face became a man who’s lips curled into a smile. The sword lost its yellow and gained a shining sparkeling silver, that gleamed in the sun. The seild in his right hand shown with color depicting a symbol long forgotten. The mans lips moved slowly but his words seemed to flow out “Its been awhile since someone came to die. Come defeat me if you think your strong” He said. “I can’t fight stone” I said. The man lifted up his hand and took his sword cutting into his hand “See, you can cut me” he said he then planted his feet into the ground “Come at me”. I drew Frostbiter “You don’t know what your dealing with” I said. The statue laughed “Then show me little warrior”. “I’m in no mode to be held back” I said. “Course not you whouldn’t be here if you could wait” He snapped. “Hey ladies can you get this over with” Em yelled her voice piercing through the sound of the rushing water. Our feet dashed forward our swords flowing through the air till the clash of steel rang out through the air.
I needed to sleep, wizards need rest. We need it to replenish our spells in our minds. To restablish that trigger in our minds to gather up the energy to cast more spells. Without a good nights sleep we can’t get back our spells. So I was perfectly cappble of falling asleep as soon as we got back to the inn. I weathred todays troubles up the stairs but as I slipped the silky blanket over me to go to sleep the troubles left. My eyelids where the only thing to bear a burden and that was to keep open. As they closed a smile crepted across my face I vaguly heard Alegred say “Hahaha I bet that Rafle kids fighting something right now”.
His blade was heavy, that was a good thing, frostbiter was light, lighter than his that ment I could out speed him. Or atleast I thought I could. This man seemed so fast on his feet so nimble. Our blades locked into each other it was a pushing game now. Most fighters whould push through trying to get past there defense this was a bad idea, see you waste energy when you could just back off or even better deflect it entirely. In a flash I spun my blade sideways and lunged at him. I made contact he let out a grunt. “Ha take that” I said pulling back my blade. The blue steel was comeing out of the mans body when to my utter amazement he grabbed on. “Not so fast” in one great pull the man pulled frostbiter from my hand and gently tossed it away. “No where gonna do this old school” he said dropping his sword. He ran at me his fist raised high to strike. I ducked out of the way triping him. He chaught himself with his hand and spun his legs knocking me on my back. “Take one of these kid” the solider said pounding my face with his fist. “Why are you fighting us” I said trying to block his attack. “You want the crystal you gotta get past me” He said delivering another blow. “LOOK AROUND MAN the forest is dead” I yelled “We don’t have time for this” I stated. “You don’t understand I have to fight you it’s the rules” He said pointing at the base of his statue “On that is the rules I must challenge whoever steps into the circle in a competition. Winner gets to stay on the bridge. Intill the day the gods decided I don’t need to guard this bridge I’m stuck in stone unless I’m in a chalange with someone. They say if I follow the rules I’ll eventually be free” He said. I heard the sound of boots on stone and turned around Em stood in the circle “ALRIGHT then” Em yelled. The man walked over to her and looked down “Uh yes” he said. “I challenge you Mr. Statue man to a competition” She said bravely pointing a finger up at him. “The challenge is simple whoever dies first losses” She said. “I don’t understand” The man said. “Its simple Whoever dies first loses the competition intill then we can do what we want” She said happily. “So I’m free to go” the man said. “That’s the idea” She said “Common Elf we don’t have time to waste” She said Lionday following behind her. “Well then uh I guess I’ll go” The man said. “You could help us” I said to the man. “Thanks but no thanks I think I’m gonna go talk to the gods” he said. The man then jumped high into the sky and he seemed to dissaper. “you comeing or not” Em called. “I’m so confused” I said. Following her.
“Okay Elf where to now” Em said as we followed a trail that had almost dissapered. “The map says where almost here we’ll find the ruins soon” I said looking at the map. “Well we crossed that river” Em said, I knodded. “And then we hit that rock cropping” she said. “Yeah and then there’s the ruins, we should be there” I said. We starred up at the tree “Maybe if we had higher ground” I said. “Thinking the same thing I’ll climb up and tell you what I see” Em said running towards the old oak. It whould take her a while to get up it I thought looking at the ground. The ground was mostly dirt and it had rained recently. The brown mud still lingered and as I starred at the small puddles I realized they wheren’t puddles, they where foot prints. My eyes tracked them they went forward then past the trees down a trail. “Em comeon I found a trail” I said. She jumped down landing near me “What those things there just puddles….oh yep foot prints” She said. “Lion can you sniff the trail for us” I asked the boar. He grunted a yes and stuck his nose into the mudd he snorted a deep one and then he jumped up. He pointed down the trail and started walking down it. We followed it when the steps wheren’t obvious Liondays nose was. Soon we came to a clearing. It held 13 trees. A giant oak that sat in the center and 12 larges pines circleing it. Each pine had some sort of gem in it. The oak held thousands of little green leaves in its wooden hands. On the oak was carved a sign, it was 6 circles that connected in the center. Em Looked puzzled “How we suppose to get in?” she wondered. I began to laugh it was a simple puzzle. Each tree had a different color gem red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, black, white, brown, pink a gem that was made of glass and a gem made of stone. On the oaks door was a carving press six gems and the way you shall see. “Great very specific there tree” Em said. “Its simple Em trust me” I said. “Really prove it” She said back. “Okay what where looking for is what makes a forest, Green for the trees” I pressed the emerald green gem it grew warm and slit back a soft click echoed. “Yeah everyone could get that one” she said. “Blue for the water that is the life of the forest and yellow for the sun these to combine to make the green” I said pressing the blue and yellow gems. They both clicked into place just like the green gem. “again even a monkey could do it” She said. “Right so the brown one is for the wood that makes the green stand tall” I said pressing the brown one it clicked as well. “Not that hard” She said. “Yeah its been easy now the real fun begins tell me Em which whould you chose” I said. “Well I’d chose White for light and the red one for the Red woods” She said proudly. I let out a laugh. “Yeah well lets see you do better” She snapped. “Easy its not white because white’s snow which is the death of woods, can’t be black that’s death to, red’s fire which burns down the forest. Pink, purple and orange are all odd men out here not really meaning anything, leaving Stone which the trees roots dig into for support and the clear which is the air which without the trees whould die as well” I said triumphantly the two clicks rang out through the forest as the great oak creaked open its dusty old door. “My gods you did it Elf” Em said amazed “How did you know” she asked. “The riddle here was a song mothers whould sing to there children. The grey stone and the blue river plant the seeds. The yellow sun and cool clear air grow the seeds, and the brown trunks keep the green clouds of plant aloft.” I said being flooded by memories. I stared at the oak for a long time my village was gone the song never would be played again. I don’t know how long it was before Em finaly inturupted my train of thought with “Lets go” but I’m glad she did I didn’t wanna relive my past that I knew I whould never experience again.
The tunnel was dark and roots penetrated the sides of the wall every step. The ground had snags and gaps in almost every step. The dim light of the tourch didn’t show how deep the hole was or how thick that root was. The tunnel became very tiresome after only a short walk. As we walked down the hall Lionday snorted. We spun fast as we could but the silver metal of daggers where already pressed against our cloaks. The assailants where two men and two woman from what I could tell but there could easly be more in the shadows. “Who do you work for” The man behind me said “We work for no one” I said trying to get my hand closer to my sword. “Don’t even think about going for your sword” the man said pressing the dagger in closer to my spine. I pulled my hand back clenching it then pointing to fingers at the man behind me it was a sign. I clenched my fist again and as Lionday took down the man behind me from the shadows i turned to face the rest pulling out frostbiter. As I spun around I was faced with the second greatest shock in my life.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Its been awhile but I've been busy


Yeah sorry i haven't posted in many moons. I've been busy How busy you say well lets see
1. I've been playing lots of D&D and other things of that nature
2. I got pokemon black and white and well (I don't think i remeber alot from when i got it till when i beat it i kinda blacked out)
3. I've started a paper comic (another one) Yeah I didn't wanna say anything about it becuase i can't scan it (Scanner hasn't even come close to working.
4. Got into minecraft (Yep i know Shudder)
5. Been writing (Only a bit plan to pick it back up)
6. Made some banging Art projects (Pics of those up later when i feel like it)
hmmmmm thats about it
oh wait there is something i should mention


yeah thats new XD
I plan to finish chapter 6 of the lost years (I think i'm gonna make that its title)