Thursday, April 29, 2010

There are only two post left till the site changes its name and my 100th post. In this post i'll be showing another part of my D@D adventure.

The road is quite and there seem to be no animals in this area. A few yards back the forest teamed with animals. They seem to not want to get near this area. The trees have cuts and dried blood you imagine from what ever lives inside the prison. The trees cover up the trail and you are bathed in a green light with occasion splotch of yellow. There are tons of brushes and rocks and other hide behinds. You a stay on alert as you walk down the trail. You hear a faint snap of a twig and you spin to see the goblin assault attacking. There bloody cries echo through out the woods.

Goblin: Ac:10 Inct:+1 Attack:+3Damage:1d4 move:5 Hp:1 Will:14 For:13 Reflex: 10

Goblin Archer: Ac:12 inct:+2 Attack: +3 Damage: ranged 1d6 move: 5 Hp:20 Will:12 For:12 Reflex:13

Goblin commander: Ac:16 inct:0 Attack:+5 Damage: 2d6 move:2 Hp:35 Will:16 For:13 Reflex:8

5 goblins, 2 goblin archer and 1 goblin commander. If they chose to capture the Goblin commander they may learn of the cult and plot of the Drackin. They could then go into the 2cd part of this adventure. If not then have them go to the prison.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Alright so in table top club we where still in a Orcus temple with zombies all around us. I searched the dead bodies and found 100gp. Then more zombies burst though the doors and we had to kill them. I went first and i locked the door next to me and sent lionday who tackled a zombie and killed him. Williem (Noble sorcerer) killed two and sent one back though the door. Amelinda (warlock) killed another zombie with her eldric blast. Williem's spell made it so if any one hit him they whould take 4 damage and a zombie hit him dieing instantly. My boar got asalted by the two grave hounds that surrounded him makeing him bloodied and makeing him take 5 nacrotic damage a peice. Thanks to the Shamens quick thinking my boar was stabalized. Barrow killed one of the grave hounds attacking my boar she also took a hit from its back lash. Ellacron (assasin) killed a zombie. More zomies came 3 sourounded me (they came out the door next to me) but i dodged all there attacks (cuase i'm ninja). Rafel (Ranger Me) killed one. One of the few zombies that hadn't died turned out to be a Drawf Vampire called Zorg he then declared us week (He had tooken no damage) and left. Barrow decaped a zombie and sent its head flying towards Williem. Williem also blew up two and got splatterd in blood. Serethinek killed the last grave hound and also got its back lash. Ellacron's onyx dog (which he found on a body which is a staue that can turn into a dog) killed a zombie. A few more entered and Amelinda killed one with her eldric blast its blood also hit Williem and its body landed a few feet over. I decpaed the final zombie and its head bounced of a wall of the orcus statue of another wall and smacked Williem.

So in the end the kill streak looked like this.
Williem: 4
Ellacron/Onyx dog: 2
Barrow: 2
Shamen: 0
So Williem killed the most but he also has area effect spells oh well I was 3rd but thats mostly becuase lionday got that first kill. Hey i got first kill and last kill. Anyways Lionday was left with 1hp after more necrotic damage and where still traped in the temple. We gained 200 exp witch is cool. The Minotuar and Paladin are still in the basement and the elf passed out on the floor.

PS. Hahaha 3 post left have a good night everybody.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My 96th post only 4 more to go in this installment i'll be showing you my comic or at least a part of it anyways. Here it is my freinds so in the pictures you have the concept art including the main charector and 3 villains and the other main character. In the other you have an actual page this is a random page becuase for some reason my camera decided not to upload all the pics so i'm left with some random pics and i'm to lazy to up load them again (DON'T JUDGE ME). In this page you have the mysterious knight killing the shadow guys. The daemons are darker in real life but now there to light. We'll tomorrow i'll have new stuff.
P.S in the running of the names Inkart has been drooped becuase some website has that name. Lionday is in the lead with elemental evil in 2cd Also i'll change the address and name on my 100th post just to time it right :D have fun guys.

Monday, April 26, 2010

count down to the 100 post

This is one of the converters scouters. These scouters are used to take down other scouters but usally gets shot down.
A converters air craft carrier. They have two ion cannons that can take down anything.
This tank is also a converter. It has two machine guns and a quantum range bomb.
One of the miner's scouters it usually dive-bombs but it is frequently shot down.
A giant air craft carrier it has two laser beams its fast and can out fly even scouters.
This tank has the ability to fly. It has a machine gun on the back. Its main gun however is its laser bomb that can hit things miles away.
The scouts can hold a mansion of people.
The tanks can hold a city of people.
The air carrier can hold a whole state.

This is my 95th post. So there's 5 more post to go till my 100th post. I don't know what will happen then but you know anything could happen. On this post i'll post a lego creation that i made inspired by nnenn passing. These are all small little machines. Nnenn died a little while ago so all these legos are dedicated to his legacy.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Name change

Right so i really don't like my web address to long and wordy and it has nothing to do with the blog. So i've decided to change it. In a week i'll change it to a new address and a new name for the blog. Now is the time to give me ideas. Here are some i came up with.
Elemental evil: Hardest D@D adventure ever plus i love dungeons and dragons.
Brick it: Rhymes kinda and hints at legos witch is a part of this blog.
Lionday: not only my boar in D@D and every other avatar in any mmorpg (and other games) but also a generic title not implying something like constant D@D or legos.
Inkart: implies art which i do. But sounds really familiar to me could it be Ink heart.
The last star whale: doctor who reference but also long and isn't about my blog.
I'm leaning to Lionday or Elemental evil however new ideas are welcome and opinions are welcome.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

TTC sumary 2

Today in table top club. We made our way up the stairs (the Minotuar and the Paladin stayed down stairs due to the fact they both wern't there). We enterd the main room that had 8 doors leading out. There where 4 zombies and we had to kill them. There where also 4 new people. There was a rouge, a assassin, a barbarian and a sorcerer. The assassin and the barbarian where both mercenaries. More zombies came in and we had to fight those off. I got boxed in by the zombies and was taken down to 9 after failing all my hit roles. I finally kill one. We had to lock doors to stop the zombies from coming in. The doppelganger makes a check to see if she could open the trap door and push a zombie down it. She failed (she got a 1) she not only broke her thief tools she also permanently locked the door. We killed all the zombies and we then found out that the whole place was surrounded by zombies. OH BOY.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My two cents

In Luange arts we talked about evil and what we think it is. I want to say what i think. I think evil is like sand and hard packed concreet. There is a line where the sand meets the dirt and that is where evil is. The dirt can go on the sand (which shows what we think is evil but isn't acually evil) However this is not for everything. The dirt is still evil its always evil but what we call evil on the sand may not be evil later on but some things are always evil. I think those absolutes are writen in the bible. Other things like taxes is the dirt on the sand. Now sand on the dirt is still evil. If we say evil is good then that good is flawed. I was surprised by my class mates answers some said that evil was just an illusion that nothing is evil that its just what we belive and let me tell you THATS THE WORST THING TO BELVIE.

Think about it.....If you have no morals then its chaos. Its destruction. Its death. Its greed every where. Its Darwins ideal. Its survival of the fittist. Its scary. Its horrifying. There's no hope of redemption. Theres not light at the end of the tunnel. Our laws mean nothing our ideals are worthless. And what scares me the most is that this is happening more and more. Come on guys fight for this don't let us be complacive in the way we act let us stand for our belifes. This includes though who don't agree with what i say.
And now i'm done with the soap box. :D
2cd Table top club meeting.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Table top club summary Week-1

Almost every Wednesday i do two things i go to church and i go to table top club. We have only had two meetings but it already seems like it will be fun. My charterer Rafel Greenbranch (don't make fun) is the stereotypical elf ranger with a boar as his beast companion. Why did i chose a boar becuase its different and provokes so many bacon jokes. The boars name is lionday. Our adventure starts with my party heading to a temple. What party well its composed of me and lionday, a rune priest minotaur, a shifter paladin, a doppelganger rouge, a warlock and a fighter bow man. Next meeting will get two more recruits another beast master who wields two blades and has a tiger (DRITZ CLONE) and a Barbarian with really bad stats. We walk in and are attacked by a undead goblin and 3 other goblins. After killing one only to have it regenerate back to life and having several of my missiles blasted by the warlocks magic (no lie my DM is cruel like that but they where misses) and the doppelganger being left alone and needing healing we finally kill them all. After the battle we find that the goblin had a magical crystal. I found one of the zombies had a gold bar and the goblin two diamonds. The goblin was the thief our employer sent before us he also had our pay. We heard bagging upstairs (We where in the basement which was where we entered from). Also the temple is a converted Orcus temple fun right. I plan to multiclass into a druid or a rouge or something else but you never know that's not till level 4.

Monday, April 12, 2010

World changers

Hey guys i went to world changers over spring break. We helped out an Miss Sherly and we raked her acre back yard and her front, we washed and sealed the roof and painted her extension. It was awesome and so much fun. I would do it again and any time to. We got little sleep and worked for 16 hours over two days.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

More previwe

This guy is the main charector of the comic. He seems to be a ball of light. Right now i call him soul but you know that's not the most original name. Any how this is my first time drawing a light source in a picture. The wall could have been better but i like it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Did I fool you?

Just kidding i would never leave this blog. Or at least not becuase of life. Anyways I'm going to show you a paint that i did of my comic I'm drawing. I've gotten quite far and i hope to finish it.

I plan to post the comic here first. So you better keep on checking here every day or else you might miss it or would you want it to be in segments? Which back ground color do you like the best?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Its over

School is getting me down so i just don't want to do this blog anymore. Rather than not post anything then post something then go silent i decided i just wont post anymore. Its been a pleasure and I'll miss you all. Good bye.