Sunday, July 11, 2010

The big move

Well i moved from my old house and with that comes a new house and probably some lost things. Our new house doesn't have internet yet so sorry i cant post as much as i should.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Unnatural History and Generator Rex

So I've watched this new show called Unnatural History on cartoon network. I'm really pumped about this show i mean not only is it a live action Cartoon network show (we have seen those before) its also a 60 min show with comercials. So um lets see Live action 60 mins on cartoon network of all places. So not only does it have these cool first running for it, its also is a good show. The first episode i watched was The Griffin Gang which was about them finding lost silver. They find the silver but are double crossed by a friend. They escape and attempt to stop him however he accomplish getting the fame (what he really wanted). Then the next day they find out the silver has a bacteria on it and is makeing others sick. They discover that it was caused by bats at the mine where it came from. All the miners died in 24 hours. The government made a vaccine for the bacteria but they where to late for the miners. The main character Henry breaks into a government facility and steals it then gives it to the doctor who has set up the quarantine. He saves everyone including his cousin Jasper. I think this series is really cool and i hope it does well becuase then we might see more 60 min shows.

Now another show that i like Generator Rex. It set in a world that has been infested with tiny robots called nanites that live inside every human being and animals. When the nanites activate they mutate humans in various ways. However Rex for some reason is different he can purify others and his mutation isn't malformed. To combat dangerous mutants a government organization was formed. This organization uses Rex and others to combat and purify mutants. What surprised me about this show is the art (which is good) and the fact PEOPLE DIE i mean in the episode i watched they where on a boat being attacked by mutated piranhas you see them chopping them in half the driver of the boat is tackled off the boat and is eat-tin alive. Latter in a big battle since you see pilots crash in a firey explosion. That makes me happy to see cartoon network growing up.