Friday, February 26, 2010


Well its been awhile. I've had a lot of things to do so i didn't have a chance to post on this blog as much. Anyways i think i might change the title of this blog and the web address with it what do you think? What to?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

These candy bricks i found at a candy store and had to buy them. They don't work with normal bricks and minifigs but they do stick together.

Friday, February 19, 2010

So this is a group of storm troopers hiding from the rebels you can also see my house and the sky. Well have a wonderful evening.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So much school work

I have been really busy becuase of a bunch of school work i put off doing but I'm almost done with it. Anyways I'll have some new pics up soon and hopefully more paint works.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I wish I could just have a decent meal in this place

I wish I could just have a decent meal in this place

I slowly drew Dragon’s tooth out of its sheaf. I pulled out my rag and polish and put started to polish Dragon’s tooth. The ground was like a sea of sand, red like blood; the sun gleamed over the tops of the trees; there was shrubs scattered around the bases of the trees. I sat on the log waiting for my lunch to cook. I looked at the fire as it slowly engulfed air and burned its fuel. It was all for not because it would run out of fuel and go out. I put away the rag and the polish. There was a rustling in the bush. Something slowly took rasping breaths. There was a snapping of a twig. Then there was a yell that was full of saliva that was a combination between a dragon and a calling bird. I spun on my heels and stood my ground. The monster in the shrubs lunged out. It tackled me to the ground. It was dry but at the same time was really floppy. The floppy monster spread its matter around me trying to stop all air from reaching my body. I was pressed against the sand I only had enough room to wiggle Dragon’s tooth. I wiggled the Dragon’s tooth back and forth. The monster whelped in pain and loosened its grip. I moved fast slashing the inside of the beast open. Organs and goop blasted onto me as I slashed my way out of its body. I wiggled at the top of the creature I could see now the skin of the creature was just sand stuck to its body. I rolled down the beast and landed on the ground. I gulped air and ran my hands though my sticky hair. The beast wrapped two giant yellow slugs around my body. It pulled me up to its face. It had no eyes only a nose that sniffed me like I was a delicacy. Its mouth opened and its slugs pulled me into the mouth. I was covered in saliva and other goo that clung to me. I thought this was it I was going to die. I looked for Dragon’s tooth that way I could cut my way out. Then I landed back to where I started. I had slashed its stomach and had just fallen back underneath the beast. I looked around trying to find a way to kill the beast. There was a black hole where the brain should be. I plugged my fist into the hole and reached as far as I could. I felt a empty space and a cold lifeless rock. I grabbed it and ripped it out. I heard a sickening snap and the body fell onto me. I struggled two my feat as I looked at the body of the monster. I studied it for a moment and determined it was called red sand or Ugba. I was tiered so tiered I fell down on the Ugba body and caught my breath. I realized the monster had engulfed my fire. I slowly pushed the blob aside to see if my lunch had turned out alright. I took the meat and moved it up to my mouth and took a bite. It tasted perfect I laid back on my Ugba bed and ate my lunch.

Story i wrote becuase i was bored. I plan on makeing more of these but you never know well bye for now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Just a little paint i made trying out one of the paint brushes i found out it can do weeds and grass and splatters really well.

Chirstian artist for Dummies: Skillet

Skillet is a chirstian rock band. They are one of my favrioutes and definatly dont preach to you in there songs. They have a metal aproach to alot there songs that you can really hear. Some songs you should hear from them are Monster, and Hero. To best appreciate these songs pull out your ear buds put them on and crank up the volume to max.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I went to winter jam. Winter jam is a concert that plays christian music from top artist. At winter jam this year was Revive, Fire-flight, Sidewalk prophets, New song, Newsboy's, 10th avenue north and Third Day.

I plan to make a guide to the best artist. Bye for now.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I love my Hoddies. I have 3 one is black with orange. One is grey with a blue hood. Then i have the same style except its white. I wear grey with the black or green or blue. The gray I'll wear blue or most short sleeve shirts. I only wear blue long sleeve shirts with the white one. I role up my hoodie sleeves to show my long sleeve shirt arms. Well that concludes my fashion for today.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow day 1

John: In order to get to the Ice dragon cave we have to cross this snowy wasteland.
Jake: Looks like everyone's having fun.
Storm 1: there here get into battle position.
This was just a chronicle of Narnia that i decided to do.

I'm still out of school how awesome is that XD.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

more riders

Troll glider. Can be maned by 3 riders. One driver one gunner and one engine worker.
This ship is just something i wanted to try. I wanted to make a crystal the cockpit. I think it stinks but what ever.The driver operates the ship via a computer in the cockpit.
Another Troll vehicle. Its made from rock . Its fast and needs to be pulled by a Bigger troll or a horse. An archer stands in the back while a spear man stands in the middle and a driver up front.
A luxary craft. It has one wepon a small archer nest in the back.

Dragon of the Dinner Table

This is a story I wrote for my Language arts class enjoy.

Dragon of the Dinner Table

The sun slowly died on the horizon. It gasped for breath as it diapered on the horizon. The moon took the suns place showering only enough light to see in front of you. The shadowy trees absorb the moon light breathing it in from the suns harsh light. The glowing eyes of hunters in the dark stalked the prey that walked in the night. There was a roar that echoed down into even the darkest cave. The stalking eyes vanished all that was left was the sound of there whimpers.

The beast that made the roar stood slowly up on its beefy legs. Its aged face slowly turned to the only figure left in the forest. The creature sniffed the air in front of the shaded figure. The figure slowly drew its sword.

I looked at the monster I drew my sword and clutched my shield. I saw the creatures eyes grow wide it under stood I was here to kill it. It smashed one if its meaty paws into my shield. I tossed the now piece of metal scrap on the ground. My weapon looked like a toothpick compared to the creature as it stood up on its hind legs. The creature drew its breath. I ran. I spotted a boulder covered in moss. I leaped over to it, ducking behind it. The creature let lose its breath. It was no longer air it was a flame. I shielded my eyes from the flame as it scorched the ground. I laughed at its feeble attempt to stop me. I peered over top of the boulder. The creature….it wasn’t there. It felt like a truck had parked one of its wheels on top of my chest. The claws that grasped me like a starving man grasp food looked like black crags. The ground slowly fell away from me. The beast drew me up to its snout. It sniffed my body. Its slimy tongue that looked like a worm licked my face. It was wet and rough and cold. I wiggled my sword free and sliced it. The tongue bleed black tar that sprayed every where including my face. The blood got inside my mouth. It was awful worse than anything I ever had tasted. I couldn’t stand it my body emptied everything in my stomach and anything that wouldn’t kill me not to have. The beast roared in pain. The dragon had a bit of a spraying problem its breath also smelled like dead animal. Its black crags released its grip on me. The ground that was so far away was coming at me fast. I plunged my sword into the dragon’s chest. I was sliding down its body. Guts and gore flew every where as I slowed my fall. I looked up and saw the wound opening and once again my body searched for a way to rid its shelf of impurities. There was nothing left for me to heave up so I just heaved all the acids in my stomach. The dragon roared stomping its feet. I feel on the ground panting. Blood rained down on to me. I stood up the creature tried to breathe its flames again but it was badly wounded. It giant chest expanded and drained of air. No flames came out only blood. Its predator eyes raged in anger as it fell to its knees. It slumped in a bloody mess on the ground.

I slowly made my way out of the woods. I had heard the call of the queen to come to the castle because the feast was ready. I slowly sat in my throne and told the queen and king and the other knights of the round table of my adventure of slaying the dragon.

Monday, February 1, 2010

snow day

For those of you who don't know what this is let me tell you its Narnia.
Well today is a snow day. :D much to my happiness. Tomorrow is also a snow day as well. In honor of that i did this pic. I also got around to taking some pics and uploading them. You'll see those soon.