Sunday, April 25, 2010

Name change

Right so i really don't like my web address to long and wordy and it has nothing to do with the blog. So i've decided to change it. In a week i'll change it to a new address and a new name for the blog. Now is the time to give me ideas. Here are some i came up with.
Elemental evil: Hardest D@D adventure ever plus i love dungeons and dragons.
Brick it: Rhymes kinda and hints at legos witch is a part of this blog.
Lionday: not only my boar in D@D and every other avatar in any mmorpg (and other games) but also a generic title not implying something like constant D@D or legos.
Inkart: implies art which i do. But sounds really familiar to me could it be Ink heart.
The last star whale: doctor who reference but also long and isn't about my blog.
I'm leaning to Lionday or Elemental evil however new ideas are welcome and opinions are welcome.

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