Monday, April 26, 2010

count down to the 100 post

This is one of the converters scouters. These scouters are used to take down other scouters but usally gets shot down.
A converters air craft carrier. They have two ion cannons that can take down anything.
This tank is also a converter. It has two machine guns and a quantum range bomb.
One of the miner's scouters it usually dive-bombs but it is frequently shot down.
A giant air craft carrier it has two laser beams its fast and can out fly even scouters.
This tank has the ability to fly. It has a machine gun on the back. Its main gun however is its laser bomb that can hit things miles away.
The scouts can hold a mansion of people.
The tanks can hold a city of people.
The air carrier can hold a whole state.

This is my 95th post. So there's 5 more post to go till my 100th post. I don't know what will happen then but you know anything could happen. On this post i'll post a lego creation that i made inspired by nnenn passing. These are all small little machines. Nnenn died a little while ago so all these legos are dedicated to his legacy.

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