Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Table top club summary Week-1

Almost every Wednesday i do two things i go to church and i go to table top club. We have only had two meetings but it already seems like it will be fun. My charterer Rafel Greenbranch (don't make fun) is the stereotypical elf ranger with a boar as his beast companion. Why did i chose a boar becuase its different and provokes so many bacon jokes. The boars name is lionday. Our adventure starts with my party heading to a temple. What party well its composed of me and lionday, a rune priest minotaur, a shifter paladin, a doppelganger rouge, a warlock and a fighter bow man. Next meeting will get two more recruits another beast master who wields two blades and has a tiger (DRITZ CLONE) and a Barbarian with really bad stats. We walk in and are attacked by a undead goblin and 3 other goblins. After killing one only to have it regenerate back to life and having several of my missiles blasted by the warlocks magic (no lie my DM is cruel like that but they where misses) and the doppelganger being left alone and needing healing we finally kill them all. After the battle we find that the goblin had a magical crystal. I found one of the zombies had a gold bar and the goblin two diamonds. The goblin was the thief our employer sent before us he also had our pay. We heard bagging upstairs (We where in the basement which was where we entered from). Also the temple is a converted Orcus temple fun right. I plan to multiclass into a druid or a rouge or something else but you never know that's not till level 4.

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