Wednesday, May 26, 2010

TTC Ulitimate stats

Alright so i'm going to calculate the TTC ulitimate bracket and pick my MVP for all these encounters since the beging. Note its kills then kill atacks. Also i'm not including the first to battles beucase i dont have the info for them.
Rafel: 6,6
Hivemind: 0
Minotaur:0,0 (at least not on record)
Paladin:0,0 (at least not on record)
And now who gets killed the most lets see
Rafel: 1
Elacron:1 (then got killed)
Serethink:1(then got killed)
Dog: Cant be killed
Legioner:1 (was then killed)

As you can see Willim gets killed the most. Now how many people where in each encounter. This includs the ones i dont have info for becuase i do rember who was there. Note only the encounters not actual mettings.
Rafel: 5
Dog: 3
Minotuar:2 ( but locked in celler for two encounters)
Paladin:2 (but locked in celler for two encounters)
Whos my Mvp for all of it. Well honstley its me. I have the best charector right now who comes the most and who hasn't died. I have two charectors to move around. I can also take a hit. However not including me i'd go with Willim his area affect spells pown.


Well its that time agian. This time on table top club me and Willim heard about a abondend fort so we went to check it out. It contained these undead monsters called nightmares they combined with vrious things they also have a hive mentality. We listiend in on a conversation between to inteligent nightmares called hiveminds that have there own culture. They sometimes kill there former colony and move on. Well we got in a figt between nightmares and i shot one right in the chest. Willim blew up two with is flames. Lionday splaterd one. Then i sliced one. We where fighting inside a building that had a second floor that had decayed and up there one of the monsters jumped down trying to smash us. It missed and killed it self.a Willim shot one with his bolt. One sounded an alarm on the top floor. Another monster jumped off as well this time he hit one of his own before dieing. More showed up responding to the call including the mother. Me and Willim double teamed one. Willim blasted 4. Lionday had climbed up the stairs and like a toddler after watching supper man jumped off. He unlike the monsters hit his target killing it and survived without a scratch (sick narly). I also climbed up the building and thought i whould just pound the mother with arrows it climbed up the side of the building. It then K.Oed me (for the first time in TTC) however i self healed my self. Lionday killed another monster so did Willim. I then jumped off the floor as the mother smashed where i was standing. Willim was K.Oed agian i then picked him up and jumped to main floor. Lionday climbed up the stairs and smashed into one then held off the mother for a while. The Hivemind showed up and said we had done him a favor and started to kill the mother. (I left after this) Lionday got a crit, The hive mind got a crit then Willim got a crit killing it.
So the ranking is
Now if you only count attacks that killed it goes like this
And in a new segment i'm going to tell you my MVP for this encounter and its
Yes lionday was the play maker. I mean he got a DFA that has to count for something. He also held his own killed alot of bad guys and smashed into a monster while running up stairs.
Toon in next time.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

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Friday, May 21, 2010

TTC 4&5

sorry for not posting in awhile but i'll make it all better with this combined post. I'll also do it in charector you ready alright then.
What they died for
After battling the hordes of zombies we saw light shining thourough the cracks of the door. Finally it was over. We turned to the crystal. William grabed the shard and said aha i can put this in my staff and as he tried to do so the shard levitated and floated around. It turned towards Elacron and nodded it then murged with is sword. It became a +1 sword. We left the temple and scouted out the dead bodies only finding 10cp. We walked to the inn and took a nice long rest and then we met up with Elister. "Ah good you have your pay you can go" he said. "Thank you sir where sorry about your theif" i said. "I was planing on killing him anyways but here take this young lady" he said dericted towards me. "WHAT i'm no lady just beucase i'm an elf dosn't make me gay". "Oh calm down ment no harm by it". I picked up the bag and realized it was a bag of holding. "Thank you sir". "Your welcome off you go". We left the inn and went to the mission board we found 3 quest one being for a pack rouges called the wolf knights, a fishing tornament and a goblin farmer who needed with some hobgoblins. After some talking and discussing we where about to go fight some wolf knights but then i stuck my hand into the bag and found a slip of paper. I read it and found it said help Elenol (the goblin). That became our new destination. Let me explain something I HATE HOBGOBLINS they killed one of my best freinds when i was a guide and sense i've had a hatered for them. I kill them on sight i show no mercy and i regret nothing. I show them the callus cruelty they showed my freind. We aproaced the farm which and a small farm house an barn and a large feild. There where several hobgoblins. Elacron took down one with a lobed of head. I drew my bow and fired i missed however lionday didn't and exploded out of the hobgoblins head i love that pig. Another hob atacked Willim and K.Oed him. However Shaman healed him back. Serethink destroyed another hob but was K.Oed by an arrow. Elacron landed another kill. Willim croch shot a hob. As Serethink lay bleeding a swords man creped up and sliced off his head. Elacron yelled and slashed another hob open. Elacron summoned his dog and it took down another hob. Tabby's charector appeared along with Evirick (Hanzah and Elenol's brother (did i mention Hanzah and Elenol where brothers)). Evirick screamed and said we had fufilled our purpose and where no longer needed he had his body guards attack us. Just then the barn blew up and a man flew out he said he was Serethink and not he was Serethink's soul put in its original body. Gnol (A big hunkering giant crossbow weilder) shot at sabrina's carector and succeded in hitting doing massive damage. Shaman was also seriously hurt by a bolt. Elacron was K.Oed along with Willim. A slide guared sliced Elacron into bits of flesh. The hobgoblins where down to one and there leader this lone hob decided runing was a good option and ran. The hobs leader moved to the slide guared (who was trying to kill it) and smashed it to bits much to my pleasure. This leader we called Legioner thoughout the battle i had been smashing him with arrows and had been succesfull and hitting him. He jumped over and knocked me around however i drew out my swored and plunged it into him. He fell into a fleshy heap at my feat. Shaman's spirt killed a eniamie of its own. Mikal (Serethink) burned the last monster to the ground the battle was over. The shared left Elacron's wepon and floated to a new person. It looked at the Paladin and Minotuar and moved on. It stared at Willim and screamed no. It turned to me and slowly boobed like a yes. However it moved on and saw Tabby's bander snatch (A pet that's vicious and deadly) it then absored into Tabby's weapon. The only thing left to do was to bury the dead.

Kill count.
1st Elacron/Dog with 4 (however he did die)
2cd Rafel/Lionday with 2 kills
2cd Shaman with 2 kills
2cd 1 for Serethink and 1 for Mikal (However Serethink died but they where the same person)
3rd Willim with 1
3rd Legioner
and then the others
Jean's character
Sabrina's character

Thats it for the school year however we might meet over the summer. If we do then i'll post those adventures to.

Monday, May 17, 2010

sup peeps

A cargo ship that can carry tons of goods. It is realy easy picking becuase it has no guns and such is easy to capture.
A close up in action.
The miners fort. It has a gatlin gun that can fire hundreds of bullets at once.
The miners fort has several plants growing on it and a gun.
the back side.
another side show casing that gatlin gun.

Haven't posted in awhile that's my bad. If your wondering TTC 4 is in the makeing (we didn't finish the encounter so I'm waiting for TTC 5) TTC will be the last meeting for this school year we might still have meetings over summer break. If this happens expect big post for TTC. In the mean time i'll apologize with this post of legos once again in a small scale.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Site changes oooohhhhhh

Hahaha i added a search box to my blog that way you can automatically search anything you want.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The 5th gen of pokemon

Well they have released the silhouette of the starter pokemon. I'm really really excited to see what they will be. Alright so i think the one on the left is either the grass or fire type for this generation why becuase of the tail looks like charmander or could they be leaves. Also fire and water have been known to stand on two feet Exceptions being cindaquill and mudkip. I think the middle is a grass type becuase its on four legs witch most starter grass types are exception being Treeco it could also be a water type but you know. The right one i think is either water or fire becuase its more bulky and also its standing on two legs.

They also have released two other pokemon and they look pretty cool and makes me think Black and White (the two new pokemon games) are going to pretty cool.
Here's where i get all the pics of them and also a good source of info of pokemon in general.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy birth-Day Jenifer

Happy birth-day Jenifer. Sorry i missed your tensenyetta (did i spell it right?). Anyways i tried makeing you a sonic but well the first one came out fat and the other looked like a melted sonic. However i did make you a chao. I know its not exactly the most beautiful thing in the world. But hey its a cutie. Hope you have a wonderfull birthday and a great time.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I feel all relaxed today. Its awe most Friday and let me say this week went fast. I took this pic at world changers oh and ignore that date in the corner its a lie.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Q.Lionday? Why did you change the name to lionday?
A. I changed the name of this site to Lionday becuase i love the name lionday. Its been my screen name for every game i've played. My boar in D&D is named lionday. I came up with it when i started to play dofus. I wanted a cool screen name and i wanted something with some meaning so i combined something strong Lion with something good and bright Day. Tahdah. Now I'm not Lionday thats just my codename and the first name i think of for and adventure charector or anything like that.

Q. Why did you post a Q.A?
A. Well I did this Q.A becuase i thought you guys might have some questions and to give a little info about my self.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey guys welcome to the new and improved site. The name changed and so did the colors. Pretty right. The reason for these changes is becuase A. i thought the name was to long and B. I was tired of white on black. I hope you guys like the change but be sure to tell me if you don't like the new change.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Shearwigs the one of the easiest monsters in pikmin. All you got to do is swarm them or toss a few pikmin on them and they'll fall in no time. However they do swarm so be careful.
The next post will be posted in the new address. I have giveing you guys fair warning and i have no sympathy if you missed the last 7 post. Even though i have like 2 readers oh well.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The water wraith is comeing......its hear

So during my first playing of pikmin 2 (i was around 8 or 9) when i stumbled on the submerged castle. I went in with 100 pikmin think to my self oh i can take what ever is down there. I lost some pikmin to the traps but gained bulbmin. I killed the monsters and took the treasure. I thought to my self Hahahaha to easy when all of the sudden i heard a strange noise and two rollers plopped out of the sky. We'll being stupid i thought they where treasure and i tossed some pikmin over then well this happened....
I scrambled and lost some pikmin. This thing would not stop i tried to throw pikmin at it but they bounced off or where killed. I ran but soon all my pikmin had been killed. I stood there for minutes and didn't understand what happened. I lost interest in the game but eventually i picked it back up (around 12 or 13) and played it. This time i just ran from this horrible monster. I got to the last level and thanks to a guide i had read i knew how to beat it. (SPOILER ALERT DON'T READ ANYMORE IF YOU WISH TO PLAY A NON CHEAT PLAY) All you had to do was toss a purple pikmin on it and it became a pansy. It was still hard as heck to kill and after all the levels i had only two left but i one. Fast forward to when i was 14 (and still am) i had once again lost interest but not after getting all the money and rescuing Lewie. This time i was trying to get every single treasure so i once again braved the submerged castle. I took 100 pikmin and went for every singe one. I was successful and then faced the boss again. This time i had 20 purple pikmin and was able to wipe the floor with this guy. I then went and got all the treasure then after getting all the treasure i placed my controller on the floor and left pikmin. I still have more to do mind you (get 100 whites, Get purple in all challenges) but for now i have beaten pikmin. I know this is long winded but pikmin was and is one of my favorite games if not my favorite Olimar is my second favorite brawl character (Toon link becuase he's killer).
Also this drawing was very hard becuase the water wraith has no actual color but the artwork shows green so that's what i went with.

One more post left till name change.