Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cyclops, Sirens and Scylla OH MY

Why is the Floor green.
Scylla eatin one of O.D men
The siren. I really did a good job on the land scape. The brown part a broken ship.
Circe and her animals....
The cyclops and his sheep and bones
Posiden the ruller of the sea. This was my fav Minfig of the bunch and i plan on keeping that head.
Locus eaters YUM
So Circe turned them into animals....Cow parort and horse.
O.D meats Circe and his men act like animals
As O.D fleas from the cyclops O.D crys out that his name is O.D (he had been useing a fake name) Outraged the cyclops throws a rock at them...
And escapes via hideing under a sheep.....Clone tropper
Later O.D blinds the cyclops eye
O.D cryies out
The Cyclops eats one of O.D's men
O.D meats the cyclops
Same shot
They didn't want to leave so O.D chains them up.
O.D men eat the lotus
O.D meats the Locus eaters
Being alone on the sea is though.
Hey guys Today wanted to show you my LA project (Language arts). So We had to do a project on the hero archetype and we where reading the Odyssey so i said hey why not do the Odyssey in lego. SO I did or at least most of the adventures we read so here they are....Theres going to be more later....Like tomarrow if i get to it. So the first one is The bottom one good okay.

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