Saturday, May 1, 2010

The water wraith is comeing......its hear

So during my first playing of pikmin 2 (i was around 8 or 9) when i stumbled on the submerged castle. I went in with 100 pikmin think to my self oh i can take what ever is down there. I lost some pikmin to the traps but gained bulbmin. I killed the monsters and took the treasure. I thought to my self Hahahaha to easy when all of the sudden i heard a strange noise and two rollers plopped out of the sky. We'll being stupid i thought they where treasure and i tossed some pikmin over then well this happened....
I scrambled and lost some pikmin. This thing would not stop i tried to throw pikmin at it but they bounced off or where killed. I ran but soon all my pikmin had been killed. I stood there for minutes and didn't understand what happened. I lost interest in the game but eventually i picked it back up (around 12 or 13) and played it. This time i just ran from this horrible monster. I got to the last level and thanks to a guide i had read i knew how to beat it. (SPOILER ALERT DON'T READ ANYMORE IF YOU WISH TO PLAY A NON CHEAT PLAY) All you had to do was toss a purple pikmin on it and it became a pansy. It was still hard as heck to kill and after all the levels i had only two left but i one. Fast forward to when i was 14 (and still am) i had once again lost interest but not after getting all the money and rescuing Lewie. This time i was trying to get every single treasure so i once again braved the submerged castle. I took 100 pikmin and went for every singe one. I was successful and then faced the boss again. This time i had 20 purple pikmin and was able to wipe the floor with this guy. I then went and got all the treasure then after getting all the treasure i placed my controller on the floor and left pikmin. I still have more to do mind you (get 100 whites, Get purple in all challenges) but for now i have beaten pikmin. I know this is long winded but pikmin was and is one of my favorite games if not my favorite Olimar is my second favorite brawl character (Toon link becuase he's killer).
Also this drawing was very hard becuase the water wraith has no actual color but the artwork shows green so that's what i went with.

One more post left till name change.

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