Thursday, April 22, 2010

TTC sumary 2

Today in table top club. We made our way up the stairs (the Minotuar and the Paladin stayed down stairs due to the fact they both wern't there). We enterd the main room that had 8 doors leading out. There where 4 zombies and we had to kill them. There where also 4 new people. There was a rouge, a assassin, a barbarian and a sorcerer. The assassin and the barbarian where both mercenaries. More zombies came in and we had to fight those off. I got boxed in by the zombies and was taken down to 9 after failing all my hit roles. I finally kill one. We had to lock doors to stop the zombies from coming in. The doppelganger makes a check to see if she could open the trap door and push a zombie down it. She failed (she got a 1) she not only broke her thief tools she also permanently locked the door. We killed all the zombies and we then found out that the whole place was surrounded by zombies. OH BOY.

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