Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lost years Y-2

And as i said here is chapter 2.

Chapter 2 Getting the band back together

The inn was crowared with villagers and adventures alike. They busily slurped down there drinks and laughed and talked. The door slambed open and the entire bar stoped and stared. In the door frame was a hulking mass of brown fur carrying a war hammer the size of a man. The beast had huge curling ivory horns and wore thick metal armour. He jingled with every step as he took a seat in one of the big tables that was used for parties of people. Instantly the people sitting there dashed off in a haste. The beast grunted out “Mead” and the bar tender had to use both hands to carry the cup of mead to the beast. The beast was a Minotaur half man half bull. Beside this monster of a man was a smaller man. The man’s eyes moved around the room as if scaning for danger. After the man had scoped out the room he relaxed. He also wore a heavy plate mail armour however at his side was a large sharp spear. The man had long black hair that flowed down the shiny armour like black rain on a steel mountain. His teath where long and sharp but he rarely showed them off. He simply said to the bartender “A glass of water if you please”. I was sitting in a far corner upon seeing them I walked towards there table. “Welcome old friends” I said sitting across from them. The Minotaur’s face lit up and he said “Rafel is that you wow you’ve changed” with that he gave me a big furry hug. I saw the whole taveren look on amazed at this uncharacteristic display of love. Well at least I knew they did I couldn’t see anything except the Minotaur’s hairy chest. “Nice to see you to Mitos” I gasped out as he hugged me. The other man shook my hand and said “How have your travels been friend”. “Verey good and what of you Sidrith” I asked. “Verey well we have even set up a church in a neighboring village” the man said. “Ah your Deity must be smiling on you” I said. We all sat down and Sidrith asked “Where are the others”. “Don’t worry they’ll be here in good time however let us talk and enjoy the food” I said cheerfully. With that we all took a swig of our drinks.

A while later the door opened once again this time a small man entred. He was about up to my waist but verey thick. He was dirty and had a long black beared that seemed out of place due to his lack of hair on the top of his head. The man was also dark skinned. He sat his axe down on the table as he told the bar tender to get him the strongest drink he had. A minute later the bartender came back with a big tin cup that had a black liquid. The small man drunk it and sat it down “I’ll take another” he said whipeing his mouth. “Drawfs and there livers i’m sure that whould have killed me” Sidrith said.”. “That it whould’ve that was fire wine goes down like a live wombat but makes everything come out smooth as a stream” the Drawf said as the next drink appeared. He grabed it and swallowed the mixture down. “Now Rafel will you tell us what we be waiting here for” the drawf said setting the tankred down. “Not yet Alegred we must wait for the others” I said. “Then bartender get me another and add a leg of beaf to that as well” Alegred said.

Just as he said that another man walked into the bar he creaped in like a spider quick and sly. He didn’t look anyone in the eye. He was small but he was agile with his steps and light barely making a sound. He wore a long black cloak that covered his feet but seemed to move like a shadow swift but slow at the same time. He walked past me bumping into me as he walked past. “Elacron my pouch back please” I said as he sat down. “Hahahaha the elf senses of yours are no match for me” Elacron said slideing my pouch over the table. The man took off his hood which hid his face revealing the aged wrinkly face that was beneath. He had a slight black beared and he had a head of black hair but a receding hair line. He sat down as Willim came into the bar. He timidly sat next to Elacron his hands in his pockets making sure greedy fingers didn’t pry out a coin or two. “Willim you’re a face for soar eyes.” The drawf said takeing a chunk out of the meat. “Hello Alegred hope you had good traveles” He said takeing a bow to the drawf. “That I did boy that I did who’s missing” the dwarf said as a attractive young woman came and sat the table. “Drop the act missy we all know its you” Elacron said. “Guess I’m not as good as I use to be, Rafel tell them the story” Borrow said changing into a human girl with light blonde hair and blue eyes one of her favrioutes. With that I said “As you all probably know this region is having problems with a orc kingdom that has risen in a area nearby. We have reason to belive a great evil is controlling them and we must destroy it. Any questions”. “Yes how are we suppose to fight off a kingdom of orcs” Alegred asked. “Good question we plan to go to the king and see if he will lend us military forces” Willim said. “My question is who is willing to try and take down there leader with me?” I asked. Slowly all there hands raised Mitos gave a harty shout. “Just like the old times” He said hammering his chest. With that our quest was beginning to be accomplished. However it whould take a week for us to get to the kings castle. Probally longer for the forces to be prepared. So then I told the group something “I’ll also be leaving to go and amass elfish forces” I said. However my main reason was to see Saria before the fighting began.

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