Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pokemon comic page 6

Thanks for the suggestions * ahem sam*. I think I’ll hold off on doing something like this again in till I get more viewers. Yay our first pokemon battled caught and named. With this comic I plan to have the characters act more like the anime characters ( as in not catching a new pokemon every route) because I’d rather make each pokemon special but only have a few instead of having all 600+ but each one being a hollow character. Also its justified because there not trainers anymore.
Thanks for reading I’ll be back on schedule next week with update page 7.


  1. You have to members and Anonymous individual watching you.

    So your not going to get the great big flood of information you expected

    Also these guys are the worst trainers ever.
    Even if your at a school you should be catching pokemon. So you can throw away the weak ones and keep the strong ones

    1. Sam your banned from naming pokemon. Oh and its Penne now.

      Also i don't even have time to tell you how messed up your view on pokemon is.
      Remember pokemon in this comic are like animals, pets. Do you dump your pet as soon as you find a cooler one?