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The Lost years.

So since i tend to edit my Lost Years story randomly I've decided to come up with a system whenever i update something I'll change its color. However that means i need to start them all off on Yellow. Yellow has not been edited. Then it'll be orange, red, green, purple, blue, then maybe pink and brown then I'll probably restart the system. So lets start with Chapter 1. tomorrow i'll hopefully post chapter 2.

Part 1 the rise

As we walked down the trail away from the city I noticed something in the distant. “Is that a castle” I said excitedly. The building barely hung together. It looked like the only thing keeping it together was the will of the building not to fall as if it had an important load that it could not drop. As we approached it I could tell that it had seen a battle. I turned to my companion a girl with blonde hair that draped down in waves. Her skin was a peachy white and she had a bounch in her step but in a flash her hair was white and her skin a grey. Her name was Barrowind she was a changling. The changling are a race descendent of dopple gangers who due to mixed breading have lost some of there shape shifting powers. Barrowind said “Willim is falling behind”. I turned to look at my other copanion Willim. He was a skinny man with tea sacs under his eyes. He leaned on his willow branch both him and the stick could be broken with you bare hands. His robes flowed as he strode trying to catch up. When he got to us he said puffing “This trail is getting to long”. I smilled at him “You could always ride Lionday” I gestured to the boar at my side. It walked over to Willim took a big sniff and then turned away and proceded to ready itself for the weight. Willim looked at the boar with if its fur like a brown jungle full of bugs and twigs and dirt and said “I’d rather walk”. Lionday came back to me. “Do they not ride boars in the high courts” I said making a crack at his family. We kept walking to the castle. We made it to the old gate there was no moat and the gate was rusted over. I kicked it down and we made our way in. The inside had almost completely fallen to pieces with many buildings completely leveled. We were on the out skirts of the castle so there were few places there was a big rotten tower with a bell at the top. There was two more buildings there use I could not tell. However there was a man there by now it was getting close to night as the sun set. I grabbed Willim and pulled him into the shadows. Barrow was gone like her usual self she could never be bothered with us non rouges.

I put my hand on Willim’s mouth and told him to shhhh. My ears heard a raspy voiced man and deep voiced man. “Will you leave us?” asked the rapsy voice. “Yes I have achived enlightenment I don’t need the hive any longer.” The deep voice said. “I see how it is you’re a traitor you intend to kill us.” The raspy voice said his voice getting deeper. “No I don’t intend to but I am leaveing.” The deep voice said. Then there was silence. I lifted my hand from Williems face and began to come out of the shadows. I saw nothing and proceded to look around. I was about to walk into the watch tower when I heard a rumble.

The verey earth tore apart as a slithering mass of flesh came out of the hole it had dug. It crawled its way out its fleash tearing. Willem screamed “Oh god zombies”. “No I said, not zombies these are shadows they posses the bodys of the dead. That’s all I’ve heard.” I said. I drew my bow and armed an arrow. I started to back into the tower relizeing there where at least 5 in the tower. I shot one down a clean shot to the head. “Lionday you know what to do!” the boar charged into the one that had just appeared takeing it down as it began to eat the body. “Your boar is absolutely disgusting” Willem said. “Shut up about the boar and focus on the enime. Willem barely doged a attack by one that had just appeared. There was now 10 and we had been backed into the watch tower. Inside I saw a long tower climing around the wall up to the bell plat form. There was two on the stairs and one near the bell. There was two more on our level. “Willim take the ones out side me and lion will take the ones in here”. Willim nodded and chanted in an old tounge forgotten by the ones not trained in the magic arts. He shoved his staff into the ground and fire errupeted near 3 of the shadows sending them into a firey chaos. Once the fire died down they where nothing but chared bodies. He stoped to regain his focus but it was too late a shadow slammed into him.

There was one shadow near the stairs and the other was running full speed at me. A the mangled body of a shadow arm slowly pulled a sword out and charged at me. I took the blow to my arm and said “Lionday sneak attack” The boar had been standing behind the shadow and pounced onto its target. The shadow tumbled and after a painfull crunch it stopped its struggles. I quickly shot the other shadow in the body however it wasn’t falling. I heard a yelp and I turned to see one of the shadows attempt to drop down onto me it however it miss calculated and slammed into the ground It didn’t get up. Willem tried another blast but this one was less affective only 2 went down. More appered over near Willem one shot what seemed to be a bone at Willim hitting him in his arm he grabbed at it as the red blood flowed. The two shadows on the stairs ran up to the plat form with one riging the bell. The last shadow on the ground floor came charging at me its claws on its rotten arms slashed into my hand and I went down. I cluched at my hand as the blood stained my armour.

My bloody hands making the arrow slippery I hastly armed the bow the sting becoming a deep red. I pointed the steel at the monsters head and released the arrow. There was a twang and a snap and the thing slumped onto its knees. I slamed my foot into its meaty bloody face of the monster sending to topoling. Lionday began to charge up the stairs, its body flexing ever muscle. As it charged up the stairs one of the shadows ran down to stop it. Lionday blindly rammed it the monster exploded from the emmense charge with its pecies raining from the stairs. Williem cried “Rafel there’s something big comeing and I’m not sure how long I’ll last”. With that I ran out side and saw that there was more monsters around 10 and another loaming mass in the distance it whould be upon us verey soon however. I backed into the building and I heard another shuffle and I saw the finale creature inside the tower drop from the plat form. Once again it missed but it wasn’t dead. Willim ran back in but he was badly hurt. He panted “I’ve only got one more shot In me” with those last words he chanted a old chant and black energy formed comeing from his fingers that slowly shaped the an arrow that flew forward piercing threw four shadows it split them in half. The magic faded and he droped down cold to the touch. I lefted him up and began to run up the stairs.

I made it up the platform and I sat Willim down and peered out and saw several of the creatures where comeing in. Lionday looked at me as if to say “you owe me one” then he jumped off tusk force like a blazing comment. He hit the first monster to enter splattering it into nothing but a smear. The rest of the monsters came into the tower. I shot them down for a bit and lionday took the rest down. We where covered in blood then we heard the roar. The thing was a masseve tangle of legs and black squirming sacs. It had a large swirling mouth with thousands of rows of sharp teeth. Its long white claws dug into the earth as it advanced towards us. “Lionday kill it” with that lionday ran at it the boar jumping tusk ready. The monster waved one of its claws and slaped the boar into a wall its body crumpled to the floor. Don’t worry I told my self you can shoot it down, Lionday has gotten bigger beatings. Then I heard a giant rumble and I ran to the edge of the plat form stareing down at the wall. The horrid monster’s long claws crashed into the wall it slamed another in and another it climbed up the wall its arms streaching out towards me. “Oh sweet elf king” I cursed as I shot an arrow at it the thing simply slapped the arrow away like one would swat a fly.

It claw finaly appeared at the top soon the whole creature was on top of the tower. It swiftly slamned me into the bell. Everything became dark my mind going blank I saw the beast scoup up Willim in its other claw and begin to pull him towards its mouth. “NO!!!!” I screamed pulling out my only weapon my sword. I screamed at the beast as I charged at it sword swinging. I stabed its claw and it roared in pain yellow puss spurting out of the wound. It fell down the tower but it was still alive. However a man came out of the shadows. He wore a long cloak and he carried a sword. He said in a raspy voice “Mother your time has ended I have relized you cuase to much evil”. With that he slashed into the beast lobbing the head clean off. I truged down the stairs carreing Willim on my back I stoped to check on Lionday he was still alive. I patted his wet fur and walked out setting Willim down.

“Who are you? What are these things? What in the name of the abyss was that monster?” I said exsasperated. The man drew out his cloack revealing a disfigured face with his flesh in paches. “They are the hive, they are shadows they collect the dead and use them to make more of them. They where created with dark magic long ago that monster was the hive mother. She gave birth to all those shadows. I am a hive mind I am what occurs when a shadow breaks from the hive. We gain self thought and independence. My name is Sockratz.” He said bowing. “I have a world to see good bye my friend may I see you again.” He said fadeing away. “Wait you don’t know my name” I yelped. “Its Rafel you have a big destiny lets just hope it turns out better than what I’ve seen”. “Wait what desinay what are you talking about” I yelled but he was gone.

I sat down letting them rest. I looked at one of the shadows and my stomach rumbled. I walked over to the monster and peeled back the skin a wave of white squirming maggots splashed out. They squirmed and squished but I picked one up and eyed it. I grew up in a forest where we had to scavage some time for food this might envolve eating worms or lavara so this was not new for me. I slurped it down and as a bit into it its guts spwed into my mouth I gacked but then I stoped. It tasted like wine from my village. I quickly grabed my pack and took out a small bag. I started to shove the worms into it knowing it whould hold a lot. After 3 shadows worms had been shoved into my bag it finally reached its limts. The bag was know as a bag of holding it can store way more than it seems. In laymans terms its bigger on the inside than the outside. I put the sac away and rummaged around till I touched the cold clay ocarina. I pulled it out my hands strokeing the design of it a leaf falling from a big oak tree. The holes where on the tree and birds flew into them. I slowly played an old tune the words I had forgotten but it always made me sad and sleepy. My eyes slowly became heavy and shut.

I awoke to a smileing old lady “Who who are you” I asked. The old lady was full of wrinkles she walked on a small staff and she seemed oddly familir. “Do I know you” I asked. “I hope you whould whe’ve been traveling together for almost a month now” said the old lady as she became a young grey colored woman. She wore a dagger on her hilt with leather armour down her body and a cloak. In this region changelings wheren’t well liked and one found it best to not draw attention to them selfs. She beamed a smile at me “Big battle I see” she said noteing the rotteing corpses. “Yeah you could say that.” Lionday was already up and was nibbling Willims arm. “Bad lionday don’t eat him he’s to stingy.” The boar moaped off. Borrowind noted “Hes not looking to good. But you need to see what I found.” She said her hand brushing her white hair from her silver eyes. I got up from my bed “Yeah whats that?”. “I found an entrance but we’ll have to go take Willim back to the town.” She said disappointed. “No need I have a healing potion.” I felt into my sack and found the small bottle. It was clear glass with a grainy red liquid inside. It smelled awful like rotten fish combined with rat piss as I uncorked it I got a wiff and gagged. I shoved the bottle into Willm’s mouth and hoped it worked. He coughed and stired up. “What was that?” he cried. “A healing potion your welcome” I said lifting him up. “Oh thanks”. “Can we go now” Borrowind said her face getting pouty. “Lionday where going come on.” I said. I had hardly got the sentence before the mattered fuzz ball had tackled be and licked be with its bad smealing sloobery tounge.

We slowly walked towards the main area. This whould be where the king whould be and as we walked I saw giant mushrooms sprouting from skeletons. There gastly white faces where scattered all around. The biggist one was what looked like a dragon I cringed something verey evil had been here. We saw the main gate into the inner sanctum of the castle. I cringed as we hacked into the big wooden doors there wooden thunks echoed into oblvioun. I looked around and relized that Lionday was gone. I nervously scaned the area and found him eating one of the mushrooms. “You stupid boar don’t eat those!!!” He jumped an ran over to me. We finally got pass the big doors and into a musty smealling chamber. Our boots echoed down the hall as we walked. The light slowly faded and I pulled out my tourch and lit it. It cast a orange glow on the walls. The walls where slowly over taken by the fungus as we walked. Then we entred what might have been an old kings chamber. The fungus had creped over the windows and the chandelier was covred in fungus. There where several large mushrooms in the room. “Lets take a break guys I’m getting hungry” with that the mushrooms moved and jumped ontop of us.

“Mushroom men” I yelped pulling our my sword. Barrow faded into the shadows why Willim hastly started to chant a spell. The mushroom men had a large mushroom cap on there head the rest of them looked like one giant human root. They where warty and two carried spears another had several vials on a belt he wore. I slashed the cap off of one of the mush men he groanend and fell over into a dieing slump. Lionday bore into another and began having lunch. Willim cast a spell on one of the mush men shocking it but it was still standing. The two with spears began to carge me. I dodged one but another grazed my arm. Borrow appeared behind the one that missed me and slashed it in the back. It cried in pain but didn’t fall.

I grabed the other spear mushroom man and ran him through with my sword he didn’t cry out he slumped over and died. Lionday took down the other non spear mushroom man. Willim tried to hit the mushroom man with the belt however he missed. The same mushroom man with the belt broke a potion over Willim than ran into the fungus. Borrow slashed the last spear mans arm off. This time he fell into a big pile on the floor. Willim cried out we ran to check on him. He was on the floor cluching his arm. There was what looked like a giant green burn on his arm. His veins pulsated green. “Whats happening to him” Borrow asked. I looked at the wound it was oozing out a yellow pus that I had seen before. It was a posionus mushroom that if went untreated whould cause death in a short amount of time usually a day. I heard a crack and I looked lionday had been pulling at a fungus patch. “Lionday noo” the ground crumbled as we fell the floor had given way. We screamed as the rocks and fungus began to cover us. We hit the ground and we saw we where in a room. It was a warrior’s baraceks a well of one at that. There was a small white light that floated above our heads. It slowly formed into a human who was white and had a large gash across his chest. He wore old old armour at least a century old. “You have disturbed my slumber.”He said in a raggedy voice. “Please mister we didn’t know a ghost lived here” Borrow said quickly changing into a human female. “Don’t trouble I needed some help. There is something I want you to get from below. Its fairly important get it for me and I’ll tell you why I wanted it.” He said. “Our friend is poisoned can you cure him” I asked. “Don’t worry I have an antidote here” he said to us gesturing to a chest. “We had a many of fights with those mushroom men back in my day so we kept a vial or to when they started using posion.” He said. I opened the old chest it was a small vial of pink liquid. “Just pour it on the wound” he said. I unstobed the vial and poured it on the burn. It sizzled and slowly the green stopped. “I’ll look after him you 3 go down.” He pointed towards some stairs. “Why cant you go” Borrow asked. “There is a barrier stoping all beings of magic you can pass because you aren’t tied to magic this mage here couldn’t go down either.” He said. With that we creaped down the old stairs.

We came into a wide open room. In the center was a large rune with a series of small runs circleing it. Inbetween the runes was seven circles. “Wow how old are these runes.” Borrow said stooping down to touch one. As she did the glowed yellow there faint yellow light filling the room. The seven circles began to glow. “I think where suppose to step on one” I said timidly. “Yeah your right come on lets go” She said pushing me on one Lionday jumped on one and Borrow steped onto one. The room melted away to reveal we where on a wall of the castle. We saw a huge army attacking and people on the wall running and screaming. We saw a man rideing a dragon with a giant axe. He roared “STROM THE CASTLE LET NO ONE LIVE!!!!” then a man with a sword the color of ice lept onto the dragon and slashed it. The dragon fell out of the sky crushing a good deal of the enimey army. The rider tried to stop the man but was struck by the sword. His arm fell of and then he fell down the dragon and was impaled by his own armys weapons. Then a giant armoured figure walked towards the man with the ice sword. “Give up old man your castle will fall. I shall win” the man said waveing his own sword this one had a giant blade and was black with a red tint. “Frost biter don’t fail me” The old man said as he began to attack the armoured man. “Borrow they cant see us this must be a vision” I said. “Yes your right” she said. The old man sliced into the other mans blade. However the armoured man pushed the old man down and yelled “THIS BATTLE IS OVER!!!” he slamed his heavy blade into the mans chest and blood shot out. The old man slumped down and he said quietly “I’m sorry frost biter I failed you” with that he made a sign and the blade disappeared. The gate broke under the armys wheight and we heard army men yell “There in quick battle positions, there to strong, the captins dead, tell me wife I loved her.” Then the armoured man appared before us. “Its okay Borrow he cant see us.” The man then lifted his blade and struck lionday full force. “LIONDAY” I yelled as the boar was flicked off the wall. “You entred this vision now leave” the man said. I pulled out my sword and ran at him “YOU DON’T TOUCH MY PIG” I yelled clashing into his weapon. My blade broke in two as I ran right into his blade. I felt a huge pain and I saw a yellow light I flew out of the circle back in reality. I slamed into the wall and slumped down. Lionday was near me and he came and licked me. My blade was shattred on the circle. After a minute Borrow faded back into her circle she slumped down and she slowly came two. “What happened I asked” she slowly said shakeing “I ran he chuaght me and then he slit my neck.” She said. “Why did it take so long” I questioned. “Because I’m fast you should no” she said playfully. “Well lets not do that again. We looked around the room and found 3 doors. We opened one and we saw a small room. There was a big pit in the center with a small platform that held a crystal. “that’s strange” I said. “I’m going to get it mabey its valuable” Borrow said as she made her way over. She ran and jumped onto the platform skillfully. Then she tossed me the crystal it was light and it was a dark red. It looked like it had a liquid inside of it the way light bounced off of it. Borrow lept back over and picked up the gem. We made our way into another room. In that room was a giant stone statue.

The statue was of a warrior holding a sword his shield had a purple stone in it similar to the one we already had. Borrow exclamined “That’s a royal guardes shield” pointing at the shield design. “Wow who was this guy” I said aloud. I noticed the base of the satue had writing. I began to read it “Those that wich to claim the sword Frost Biter must pass the 7 trials”. 7 trials I wondered and read more “Here lies the captain of the guared Broom who wielded the sword when he….” I stoped the rest of the text was to faded to be read. I heard a click and stone chipping. I turned towards Borrow and saw her with a dagger in the stone pulling out the crystal in the shield. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” I yelled as she pocketed the gem. “I’m getting the gem out it could be valuble” she said. “This is a grave” I said. “Well then he wont need it” Borrow said. “Keep the gem now why don’t you. Just defiled a mans burial no respect.” I mumbled as we walked out of that room.

Be hind the third door was a room with two alters. One was a firery red color it had golden trimming that gleemed with a inner flame. On it was the another gem like the two we had. The other alter was a wodden alter with a small wooden box. On the far wall was a message it was carved into the wall and said “Choose the right gift and your way show be opended but chose the wrong gift and you’ll be lost”. Borrow said “We should take both we could take both.” She said. I thought for a moment I’m not one to just take when I’m giving something espically in a maze made to stop people. I walked over to the red alter and studied the gem. It was almost exactly the same as the ones we had there where marks that might have been from the same tool. I sat down my sword and my ocarina on the alter. I then picked up the gem. There was a booming sound the right wall slowly pulled up. Then magic swirled through the air as two giant lips appeared on the message “Congraguations you have chosen to give not to recive the way is opened” the lips then disapered. We walked through the path.

The next room was a circular room with was lit by tourches. The tourches formed a huge circle however one was un lit. There was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple in the circle. They made a rainbow of colors on the walls daceing around. “What do we do” Borrow asked. “I think we light that torch on fire” I said gesturing towards the unlit tourch. “I think where suppose to light it red” she said. “Yeah that makes since the gems are red so should the light” I said. We both grabed the red tourch and lit the tourch in the middle and nothing happended. The tourch was red as the embers formed. Nothing no giant explosion nothing. The fire however swirled together churning and churning till the flames where compacted into a sphere the size of my hand. Then the flames stoped swirling and froze. The gem fell into the tourch. The flames had formed into a gem. Ammazed I touched it and relled my hand it was burning hot. Borrow laughed “Duh its hot stupid here let me show you how its done” she took a rag out of her pocket and picked up the gem dumping it into her sac. “There no burns” She said cheerfully. However as we sat the red tourch back into its place the unlit tourch turned white. It shot white flames these white flames turned into 6 figures. 3 men 3 weamon figures they wore the other colors. The girls had long flowing dresses of red, yellow and orange while the men wore Blue, Green and Purple. They danced with eachother a slow ball room dance. Then as me and Borrow stood there amazed music played. I stood up and offred my hand saying “Care to dance”. She took my hand “I definitely would”. We danced together with the flames in a circle. We hopped partners and ended up with the flame in the orange. The flames dind’t burn instead they felt like they healed my body I felt deep wounds heal wounds time had forgot where there. Then the music stopped and the figures began to fade I smiled at the orange figure “Thanks” I said. The figure waved good bye as it broke apart. One of the walls had fallen and another passage had appeared. Borrow cam up from behind me she whispered “Don’t you just love magic some times?”. I looked up at her face she wore her actual face lf you could say that “Yeah yeah I do”. With that we headed down the new passage.

This room was also a giant circle in the middle was another statue. This one was of a man with a long flowing cape who had a staff with a crystal in it. He was an old man and had a long beared. It had a pointy hat and at the base of it was another message. The massage read answer me this question what does a man make but never uses for him self, all men rest in and is built only to never be seen, what am I? “I know it’s a coffin” Borrow said. With that the wall behind the statue fell apart and the stone popped out of the wizards staff.

We entered the next room and there was a pedastool with the gem on it. I began to walk over to it when I heard a whosh. I looked in horror as a large blade came flying out from the ceeling. I jumped down and rolled. I heard several more blades shoot down but they missed me. I grabbed the stone and yelled “RUN!!!!!” we all began to run towards the door that was opening. Lionday easily made it past the sliceing blades and jumped through the door. I had several close calls but I made it with only a few minor cuts that where only skin deep. Borrow nimbly jumped over blade after blade however only inches away she jumped over a blade but was met with the returning end of a blade. It got her arm and she collapsed onto the passage. The wound wasn’t that bad and I pulled out a bandage from my pack. “Don’t worry you’ll be fine but this will hurt” I said pulling out a vial and dumping it on the wound. She yelled as the mixture bubbled. I wrapped it up in a bandage and said “There now we can keep going”. With that we set off.

The passage entred into a room that was cresincet shaped. The far wall had a giant door. It was old and made of stone. On the door was runes I could never read however there where 7 slots. We slowly placed our stones into each hole after we where all done there was still one missing. The 6 red stones made a circle around the empty one this one was bigger than the other red ones. However as we slowly sat down to wonder what we did wrong I heard Lionday snort. I turned to him and saw that he was sniffing at something that wasn’t there. “What you got there boy” I asked walking towards him. Lionday nudged the nothing with his snot and I heard a scuffling. I felt into the nothing ness and bumped into something. I felt it and it felt like a button of some kind I thought for a second and pushed it down. The invisible button clicked and the wall behind us fell apart revealing another pedestal. It had a big white gem on it and I picked it up and placed it in the gate. “Those crafty archintect building a invisible button” Borrow said as I placed the gem. Nothing happended I said “Mabey we need to say something Coffin” I guessed. “Open sesame” Borrow wadgered. Still the stone stared at us and we stared at it. I then heard a loud grunt and lionday came crashing into the white stone. He smashed into it and a the stone glowed a spoft white. The stone it self was cracked down the middle by Lionday’s tackle and the doors revealed a room covred in the red stones. In the middle of it all was a single pedastol. I walked up to it and saw it held a blade. The blade was long and thin it had a white metallic blue to it. It was cold to the touch as if holding snow. It gleamed in the light. “Is this what we came here for a sword” Borrow said. “Yeah, I think I’ll keep it I left my other sword at the alter remember” I said my eyes transfixed on its magical blade. As I held the blade a name popped into my mind “Frostbiter” I said aloud. “Frostbiter” Borrow said critically “Isn’t that kinda taken”. “What” I said. “Yeah the guy in the statue was said to weild frost biter” Borrow said. “This must be the blade that he used” I exclaimed. “You keep your blade I’ll keep mine” Borrow said holding up her dark blade. It was a pitch black blade and it had a small red gem on the hilt with a another beady black gem inside of that one almost like a eye. I shuddred “that blade gives me the creapes” i said. We began to walk off when we heared a crumbeling sound and then we began to run.

“WHATS HAPPEING” Borrow yeld as we ran down the halls. “I think the place is falling its like the thing holding this dump together just got taken” I then proceded while running to slap my self on the forehead “Duh” I said. We ran though the halls I think I ran faster than I had ever ran before. We skidded out into the tourch room the tourches where all out and the room felt so hallow. As we dashed out Lionday knocked over a tourch. It clattred being lost in the rumble. We finally made it to the stairs up and the ghost once again appred.” You got it?” He asked. “Yeah I got it” I said panting as we chugged up the stairs. “Good now lets get out of here” with that the world melted away and was replaced with a new one. I tumbled to the earth in the grassy plane. The ghost floated above us. “Let me see my sword boy” he said. “Your sword” I asked amazed “You where that man down in the dudgeon. You where the captain of the guard?” I exclaimed. “Yes son that’s me” the ghost said. I showed him the sword the ghost looked hard at it. “I’m sorry boy but I have to ask you to do something of dire importance. See a long time ago 7 warriors became arrogant of there powers. They belived they could become gods. They killed a god and absorebed its powers. The kingdoms of this nation rallied to stop them but there powers where to much. In one last epic battle the warriors where imprisoned by thousands of wizards. However I fear there imprisonment is about to be broken. I fear they might succed this time unless you stop them before they regain there full powers.” The ghost said. “How can we do that” I asked. “There human for now just stick them with a sword like the one I gave you” the ghost said “ I don’t have much time boy my job is done” he said. “Where can we find the demon lords” I asked. “I don’t know just ask the sword boy” he said “Oh and before I go that bow of yours could use something special as well” with that a piece of the ghost tore apart and mixed into my bow. My bow changed into a crystal bow. With that the ghost was gone. “What do we do now” Borrow asked. I thought for a second then said aloud “Where are the demon lords” a thought then popped into my head *There is only one awake right now his name is Yogath he is commanding a orc army* then the message died out.

“What now” Borrow asked. I thought for a moment then I relized something “Where’s Willim”? Even before the words escaped my mouth the frail body of the wizard staggred to us. “What happened guys I remember the battle we had with the mushroom men but then it’s all a blur” Willim said leaning on his staff. We explained all that happened and what our new mission was. “Seems to me we need to get the party back together” Willim said. “If that’s the case then we need to get a move on” I said dusting my self off. With that we made our way back to town.

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