Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lost Years Chapter 7-Y

You know i kinda don't like this chapter then again most of the stuff that comes from deep within i don't like causes I'm scared others wont either.

Chapter 7 How long must you wait for love?

Frostbiter buried its blue tip into the ground my hand not having the power to hold its now heavy blade. My eyes ignoring the grunt of the man on the ground and Em’s struggles to break the others man’s grip, my eyes where focused on the girl. The girls hair was like waves of brown beauty, they washed over my eyes drawing me near. Her curved body was displaced by the heavy studded leather she wore now. But underneath the armour she wore a dress made of silk that had her family’s pattern stitched on. She held a bow pointed at me but her eyes, oh those pools of shining blue sapphires, grew wide and the arrow fell to the ground. Her simple lips curved forming the words “Rafel” but no sound escaped them. I nodded as if it was all I could do, that and cry. I remember I did a lot of crying. The tears just whouldn’t stop I wasn’t sad no infact I was filled with joy I had never experienced before except around her. “Saria” I said my voice weak I didn’t even know if she heard me. We both made small steps towards one another “I thought you where dead” we both said. “The elves” I said avoiding her eyes remembering that horrible sight. “We thought the Orcs where still there when you sent that letter saying how you planded to come home we escaped that night I didn’t know if you where still” I silenced her with my lips. I wanted to do more to show her my love but in that moment I didn’t know how to convey it except by pressing ones lips to another to try to give your spirit to another. My arms slid around her I wanted to hold her and never let go to protect her. The rest of the world vanished it was me and her that’s all that mattered. Then I was jerked away from her “Rafel its great to see you” the man that had previously had a dagger to my back said. He hugged me it was an awkward hug my focus on Saria. Only once he let go did I realize who it was. “Oh Lupin its you” my face red. I felt Em kick me hard in the leg “We have a forest to clensens and you’re here snogging with your girl” she huffed. “Bout time you came back what brought you back the orcs, the posion the girl” He said jabbing me. “Oh stop teasing the poor boy Lupin I don’t think his minds clear right now” the other girl said. “Yes, it does seem prince Rafel is a bit out of sorts” the other man said. My head still in a fog “Oh hello Rebeca and Kingsly nice to see you”. Kingsly’s voice took the tone of a disappointed parent “Its Sir Kingsly’s”. Rebeca slapped Kingsly on the back of the head “Stop being such stick in the mud Kingles” Rebeca said. “I am the eldest of the two here so I should be shown respect”. “You where born only a minute ahead of me I whould have been out sooner but you got in the way”. The two began to argue over there fight Lupin turned back to me “I see you found yourself another sidekick” Lupin joked “That pig’s got a mighty kick” he said rubbing his shoulder. “Yeah sorry bout that Lionday can be a bit reckless espically around assailants” i said brining up there assault. “After being in a masacere you tend to be untrusting” Lupin sneered. Lupin stood there in thick fancy boots his poofing white pants showing little signs of dirt. He wore chainmail with a studded jacket above it. He had two blades at his side and like all half elves wore a rugged beared. His beared was a blond and it had been shaved into a simple little truff of hair. His blond hair stood peaked no matter how much he moved the hair still poked towards his. “I see you still have that rugged mountain hair”. “Hey it gets the ladies, unlike your short ears”. I rubbed my ear “Its not that short”. “Its worse than a humans ear” he laughed. “Wan’t another kick from the boar”? “Can’t say I would” Lupin said feeling the bruise on his back. I turned towards the argueing siblings. Kingsly wore a bright shining platemail. His spear was buried in the ground a while his hands moved emphasizing each word. Rebbeca held her magical tome inside of her arm. Her perfect black bun held together while her thin lips ran at a mile a minute. Em looked at the reuion a bit out of place and said “Hi guys I’m Em brownie wants to save her home from a bunch of orcs and a mysterious posion anyone wanna help” Lionday snorted as well. “I presume the “brownie” is right we have dilly dalled here to much” kingsly said. We began to trudge down the dark tunnel. Lupin leading Em behind him wanting to be between the swordsman and the wizard. Kingsly and Rebeca “talked” behind Em, while me and Saria held hands in the back, Lionday looked at me rolled his eyes then wen’t letting Em ride him for a bit.

The men where ready to fight. We only had a small battalion at out disposial. The king wished to suplly us with more but he was faced with other matters that needed his attention. In truth the west elves wheren’t well liked by many folks, they thought of them as selfish tree huggers. I had no opnion on the matter I didn’t know any besides Rafel and he is a strange one. I took a seat at the table Mitos, Elacron, Alegred, Borrow and Sidrith. “So where are we with the troops” Elacron asked. “They are ready to go at the break of day, there heading round the mountain” I said simply. After that the group split up around the bar, Sidrith turned in for the night, Alegred and Mitos had a few at the bar and Elacron went to feel around some mans pocket. It was me and Borrow. I quickly stood up very unconfertable at that moment. “I…..” I needed an excuss to leave “I have to go…..to the bathroom” I said lamely. Borrow seemingly unfazed by this “Okay hope you have fun in there” She said waveing me off. I scurried to the door of the bathroom and practicly broke it opening it so fast. It thumped into the wall the thump echoing hollowly. I smacked myself very hard for being such an idiot but what else could I do.

The travels with the troop wasn’t bad, we where able to make good time and it was uneventful. No word from Rafel yet though I wondred where that elf was.

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  1. Who is the guy in the last paragraph you refer to him in the 1st person but we don't actually hear his name.
    Also the Elves aren't liked because there assholes Johnny. Or need I remind you that you kept insisting you were a prince. And you said you wanted to separate from the kingdom etc. and not be ruled by Ozor.