Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Loads and loads and loads of stuff

HI GUYS!!! and you know gals.
I got updates for you guys today so many updates.
Well lets start with a new then have the old in a few days or now who knows.
I made these pictures and now I'll post them.
So the one on the top is a character from a starwars game in Table top club. He was a snarky jerkwad of a merchinary but he was a good droid. His name was J6-Z7 and on his track record was killing a man by falling on him and then shooting another bad guy. He was last seen running a team of clones to recover several prisioners. He hated Jedi's and most other humans and felt that droids needed rights to.
On the bottom is a Narwhal. So enjoy the narwhal.

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