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The table top club campagin

So saw that last post yeah fun. So i'm hosting Table top club and as such i made my own adventure. So i've been writeing one. Now i got really into it Pictures character blocks but i can't show anyone becuase the players will know but since they played through this part i think i'll post it. However the pictures that i spent oh so much time on XD arn't showing up so this will be just text but i still think its pretty good.

The Island Hoppers

An Adventure by Jonathan Zimmerman

The journey starts in Kauppa. Where a few party members see Noir wash up on shore, soon after Polly also washes ashore. Noir is anxious to leave realizing he hasn’t been on this island before he ask the party for help finding a boat. At the inn trying to find a boat the party hears about Goblin Island and the treasure they have there. (Few boats are leaving do to it being a. Friday and b. a storms ahbrewing.) Noir decides he wants to find this treasure and does his best to convince them of such.

Noir Barbe: Elite Kenku Assassin Lvl 5 xp 400

Ini+8 Hp126 bloodied 63 ST+2 speed-6

AC 19 Fort 16 Reflx 17 Will 16

Stab. 10vs Ac 1d6+5, target slowed St Atwill

Shot. Ranged 10vs Ac 1d8+4 posion damage and the target is slowed St Atwill

Fluttering Attack. Moves 4 squares and use’s stab in that time

Gouging Talons. Immediate when someone attacks Noir. Target the attacker 10vs Ac 1d6+2

Feather Burst. Burst 2 all enemies are blinded till end of Kenku’s turn. Minor Enco

Flock Effect. Flanking is +3 and his assistance is +3

Polly Feather Born: Kenku Warrior Lvl 3 Xp 150

Int-5 Hp 44 blood 22 speed-6

Ac-17 Fort-14 Reflx-15 Will-14

Slash. 8vsAc 1d4+6 St atwill

Mast Smash. 12vsReflx 2d10+5 Polly dives down from above crushing whats beneath him. Polly has to be up high (Like a ships mast) He can’t do anything else that turn. St at will

Fluttering Attack. Shifts 4 and makes a basic attack during the shift. St at will

Combat advantage. Does an extra 1d6 to those who grant him combat advantage.

Flock Effect. Flanking is +3 and his assistance is +3

The trip there is uneventful (The party can get a raft near the shore). Once on the island there is a skill challenge.

Find the Goblins Hideout

Complexity 4 success 10 failures 5 DC: 20

No skills are not permitted.

Failure- The party is attacked by one of the goblin raiding parties (While searching)

Success- They discover entrance 1.

The goal is to find the Goblins cave. Regardless of there outcome they’ll be attacked at least once by a Goblin scout party, however if they fail the challenge they’ll have to fight another band as well. One goblin will be alive at the end to be interrogated.

Interrogating the Goblin

Compexity 1. 4 success 2 failures. DC 10

Success. They discover the route to entrance 2

Failure- There led to entrance 2 by the goblin and once there He alerts the goblins of there presence.

Every time the party rest make a check (10 or higher) to see if they encounter a goblin band. If they do the bands are as follows. (Red team. 3 archers. 2 sword, Blue team, 2 archers and 3 soliders)

Fighting Red team: You walk out of the forest into a beach area suddenly you see goblins pop out of two rocks down by beach. You’ve been ambushed and as 3 raise there bows 2 more rush at you swords raised high. The map looks like this.

3 Goblin sharpshooters, 2 Goblin warriors and 5 goblin cutters.

One goblin carries a small stone (Worthless but it looks pretty) and another carries a fire arrow he’ll use if things look bad (Half of the Goblins down).

Fighting Blue Team: You walk down a forest trail. Birds sing ahead of you and you see a deer skirt off. You see a gap in the forest, there is a small stone as well. The place is dense forest. You hear a branch brake then you hear the woops of Goblins as they charge weaving past the trees towards you. “KILL THEM ALL” the leader yells holding a club in his hands. Battle should be basic the Goblins weave and dodge attacking blows as best they can and try to flank and hide from the rest of the party.

2 Goblin sharpshooters, 4 goblin warriors, 2 goblin cutters

One goblin has a small pouch with a letter from his sweet heart. Another carries a book in gobblin about how they train the monsters they use.

This is t2qqhe first Entrance: It is located near the end of the island at the base of the hill that climbs up to a clift. At the entrance is 2 goblin guards these guards are the 4th toughest goblins there (There elite brutes). If one is killed the next turn the other will run back inside the cave to alert the rest of the goblins.

The Battle at the Gate: You come to the foot of the hill. Still far off you can see this is clearly the place it has been carved out of the stone in the hill and sitting in front of the entrance is stone that has gobblin words written on it. To guards stand watch there green boddies held up on the barrels they stand on by there weapons. However currently they are asleep. The Two guards will upon seeing the party block the door way and defend it not moving unless one is down or an archer is particularly hurting them. The rock says “Home sweet Home”. The red line shows where a player could slam a creature into the rock wall and cuase rocks to tumble doing 2d6 damage. The players could also be slammed into the rock as well. One guard has a map of one of the Goblin islands though the party can’t tell which.

2 Elite Bodyguard Goblin warriors.

The second entrance is around the base and higher up. Here there are two sniper towers that stand in the corner of the entrance. Two snippers stand ready to shoot players (They use guns). Players can easily shoot them (though they have ½ cover). Players can also climb these towers on a Athletics or Acrobatics (15 DC). You come up the hill on the east side and see up ahead a stone cut entrance. Beside it stands two towers that gleam in the sun. There pearchered are two Goblins that spotting you begin to fire at you.

2 elite goblin sharpshooters, 4 goblin cutters 1 Goblin warrior

The two rock out cropings in the center give the players cover as well. One of the archers has a map of the island.

The cave has 2 entrances. The cave looks as followed.

1. The hall is empty except for one drunk Goblin. (There is a hidden passage here with a peep hole when adventures walk past the goblins hideing behind it will jump out and attack. The Dc to find the passage is only 17. If the goblins have been alerted to the adventures then this hall has two goblin cutters at the end. They’ll tease and taunt till the party runs at them. When the adventures cross the passage 2 goblin black blades will jump out and attack them from behind at which point the two other Goblins attack.

2. The passage here is similar to 1. However there is no drunk goblin here. It also has a False-floor Pit Trap (Dc 20 to find, attack+4 vs Reflx does 1d10 plus target is prone. Miss, and the target takes no damage and returns to there square). If they trigger the trap (regardless of if it hits) the 2 goblin black blades appear and attack from behind. While other goblins may appear later. These goblins will push the party for space and if they get the chance to push them into the trap even if they don’t trigger the trap the goblins are still alerted to them and start there attack.

3. The hall opens into a large cavern. The sun is setting over the ocean and as the lights shine through the open gape in the wall onto a shining boat. The boat is a medium sized vessel with a pure white figure head. It stares out onto the ocean as it clutches a pearl. The boat sits in a little inlit of water ontop of the fine vessel sit 3 menacing forces. They turn eyes locked on you. One gets up sword in hand and jumps off the boat landing with a thud on the ground it eyes locks onto yours and it charges the steel blade rasised to go for your heart. The two goblins on deck now archers. One is a Goblin the other is a Sea Goblin. (Stat blocks for Goblins and Sea Goblins)

(Add Chiftian’s Stats and The best warrior Goblin)

Every turn roll to see if the goblins from area 4,5,6 enter the fray. (Also if the party managed to avoid detection by the two other goblins roll for them as well. Roll a d6

1- If the two goblins in 1 are there they enter. 2- If the goblin in 2 still alive it appears. 3- nothing. 4- Goblins in 4 appear. 5- (You get the picture)

If already alerted then the goblins in 3 are standing ready close to the tunnel the party’s comeing from. Goblins in 4,5,6 however you still roll for (There still getting ready at this time).

4. This is the goblins living space. Each one has there own bed (Mostly dirty rags) one goblin also has a small pendant (found on a dc of 15 worth 10gp).

5. This is the Goblins Kitchen. Two Goblin cutters are currently having a passionet love fest in here. When the party enters these two goblins are surprised.

6. This is the Gobins barax. There is one Guard stationed here, If brought to bloddied he will toss down the two stands of weapons (Creating difficult terrain) then bolt running to 5 or 3 (Depending on where the party came from.

7. This secret door is only found on a search check of 20. This leads to there Chifitan’s room. The Cheifetian’s room while known to the goblins is hidden away for his own privacy. The Chifitan’s room has a map of all Goblin raider’s outpost. He also has a very fine Ring. This ring is a magical ring of Gust.

The monsters are as followes.

1 Hobgoblin Soldier. This is there chief who is portrayed as a sea goblin. He’ll lead goblins to battle and only engage those who are making a serious dent in his forces. For his moves consider hobgoblin to mean goblin.

1 Goblin Sharpshooters

1 Goblin warriors

2 Goblin Black blade

8 Goblin Cutters

Ring of Gust: Encounter power: Minor action, You knock a opponent back 1 square. (if its into a wall they take damage 2d6)

Once the lair is cleared out Noir will Go back to marvel at the boat. As the party gets on the boat Laiva will appear and tell the party about her quest and how they must stop the Darkness. If asked why she didn’t ask the Goblins she’ll say she appeared before them saw them then decided that wasn’t a good idea. They might have sold her to and evil user instead or worse. She’ll then suggest the party either finds here missing Cannon or Compass or go to one of the last location’s of her Gems.

The 3 gems are scattered around the world and have been imbedded in the magical items as follows.

Rocks Ressileance- The wearer is completely immune to fire, or heat as long as they wear the ring.

The Ocean’s tear- A tear drop shaped necklace. Whenever the equlivant of a cup of water is pourded on the wearer the wearer gets 2d6 hp recovered.

Leaf slasher- This short sword whistles when swung and when it comes in contact with wood or other vegetation cuts right through them. +1 magic sword, and when used against plant based monsters it acts as a 2d10+3 weapon.

Noir will suggest that they go after the fire gem first due to it being close to his home town where they can stalk up for the long trip there. He also says that there are ruins of some ancehint civilization near there as well.

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