Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chapter 8 Damp and Cold Yellow

Chapter 8 Damp and cold

The long hall ended in a giant iron door. In the prime of its life the door whould have been an impressive door that would have been hard to enter. However now it was rusted and was dented lying almost broken. “Be careful there Rafel thing might be trapped” Lupin cautioned. I made a gesture and Lionday ran right into it. The iron door fell off its hinges and clattered to the floor making a long loud clang that rang down the halls. “Yeah great idea Rafel. No one’s gonna know where here now” Lupin said his words dripping with sarcasm. I took a long look down the hall then said to Lupin “Yeah well I don’t think anything is really listeing there’s only skeleton’s down there” I said. The hall had rows of skeletons some in better shape than others. I put a solid foot down into the hall and strode a bit farther down. I turned to the others “Yeah probably traped but come-on”. The rest of the group hesitantly followed they soon joined me in the center of the hall. Rebecca looked at the floor “Hmmmm Hun come look at this” she said to me. “Yeah what is it Beccs” I said looking at the floor. The floor had a patern in the center was a big circle with four lines of runes coming out from it and to the edges of the room. “Well see this rune here is for life and the one there is for death and where standing on a trigger for” she sprang up almost knocking her head into mine. “Rafel do you know what this room is full of?” Rebecca asked. “Skeletons” “Yes and the runes here bring them back to life” She said. I turned and looked at them they seemed to be in the same position. “Okay then why haven’t we been attacked yet” I asked. “There waiting” she said “look at that one there” she said pointing at a very new one. I looked at it and sow it slowly twitch. “Hey guys don’t get near the walls” I said. “Darn and I was about to give one a hug to” Em said. “Rafel I think we should keep moveing” Lupin said. “I agree with sir Lupin I think that whould be a capital idea”. “Yeah guys lets keep moveing forward” I said. We cautiously made our way to the other big iron doors on the far side. On the door was wrighting but it was of an old elfish tounge there was also what looked like the imprent of a skull. I put my hands on the door and tried to push it open. “Good try Hun but I don’t think that’ll work”. “What does the wrighting say Beecs” I asked. “Sorry hun I don’t know Kingly you know”? “I must apologize for my lack of knowledge sir lupin”? “Nope Saria you got any ideas”? “Oh me um sorry everyone I don’t know what that means”. We all sat I silence. “Oh Hey guys lets ask the brownie no? it talks about the wand and then says theres a guardian well more like an evil spirt of some kind” Em said. “Um Em do you know how to get the door open” I asked. “My guess is take a skull and put it in the key hole” she said tapping the hole with her sword. “Right I’ll just go and take a skeleton’s head off” Lupin said. As he turned around to find a sutible canadite for his surgery he saw a wave of bones approaching. “Hey guys the good news is we have a lot of willing volenteurs”. Then the battle started.

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