Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chapter 10 Doom and Gloom

Hey look I actually posted something. Were about 1/3 of the way done and the deaths are about to start flowing like a river.

Chapter 10. Doom and Gloom

“You open it” “No You open it you are the prince” “Your right I command you to open the door” Me and Lupin argued. Finnaly Kingsly said “Your majesty allow me to open the door I am tougher than either of you”. With that he pressed a chain mailed glove on the stone door and pushed. The door swung open and showed a long catwalk. On the end of it was a circular stone platform suspended above a long drop. It was suspended with four chains and in the center was a pedestal. On which was a long blue shaft. We slowly crepted in cautiously walking down the bridge. Along the drop was a circular stairway.

“The Wand” Em said stuned.

Our softfootsteps got us to the stone platform. It was large about 20 feet all the way around. Runes were carved into the platform and they glowed with a pale blue. But as we marvled at the platform we heard a long clank. There seemed to be something ratteling up the drop and we turned towards the door it was closed. Lupin grabbed a torch and quickly lit it. The orange flames lit our worried faces. “Best take a look” He grinned chucking the torch down the drop. We saw the orange flame scan down the hole but about half way down we saw a writhring crawling mass of white bones. “Get ready” I called to the group. Kingsly grabed his great sword with both hands. Lupin tensed, his hand gluded to his rapier. Lionday snorted the air, his hair now stuck up in terror. My hand grabbed Frost biter. Saria prayed to her God. Beccs started a chant. Emm in a hushed whisper said “Rafel” then her small body was engulfed by thousands of white ivory bones. “Rafe!” crunch blood spewed from the white bones. I rushed at the beast Frost biter barely making a dent in the bones. The monster was a long snake like skeletal body. Its head was that of a human skull with glowing red eyes. Its voice boomed with eternal hatred for the living. “You have disturbed my slumber, to raid my treasure” the coiled serpent sprang at Saria. Lupin dashed tackleing Saria away from the blast. The creature spun around and lundged at me. Frostbiter met his bone head on and I was sent on a raveging ride on this monsters head. Lionday sprang knocking the thing down onto its side. Kingsly slashed his sword uselessly, except hewasn’t aiming at the monster instead he had aimed to free Emm from her bondage. Her crumpled form spwewed from the monsters belly. Saria ran towards her placing her hands on her body “She’s not good, if she takes another hit she’ll die”. The beast recovered from the barrage and went once more for Saria. A bright green ball of energy smashed into the abomonatiosn skull sending it crashing down. The bonned demon picked it self up and smashed one of the chains holding the disc up. The disc shutterd knocking us all on our feet but remained up right for now. “Saria heal Emm then get on the cat walk, Lupin Wolf strike” I said. “Wolf strike like from when we hunted bears?” Lupin asked. “Yeah Wolf strike” I said. Lupin ran to my side he looked at me and nodded. With that we took off following the edge of the disc to where the horrid monster roared Lupin leaped into the air springing above the monster. As gravity brought him down he suck both feet squarely down. I slid underneath holding out Frostbiter underneath the creatures skull. As Lupin’s weight pushed the beast down my blade greeated it, Frost biter smashed into the bone sending shards everywhere. The beast recoiled throwing Lupin off. He smacked the wall and almost fell off the disc into the dark but he grabbed the smashed chain. Lionday slamed the beast further into my blade. The beast pulled back leaving behind its jaw. It couldn’t roar any more instead it made a shuttering sound. Its eyes showed pure hatred for us. Kingsly slashed the beast with his sword but the dark creature slamed his tail on Kingsly. Kingsly grunted under the weight. Lionday made a meek attempt to impale his tusk on the creature but it simply smashed him aside. The boars body lay on its side bleeding, Kingsly struggled with the weight from the tail, Lupin clung to the chain several feet below, Saria was spending all her magic on Emm just to keep her alive. The thing locked its souless red eyes with me and shuttered closer. It was upon me I backed away on my back. It slithered ahead coming within inches of me. As its face lifted back and its bones ripped apart to form sharp pointed bones. It let out what seemed like a chuckle comeing from its very bones, when suddenly the beast’s red eyes turned black. Green energy bursted from its skull splitering shattering it beyond reconition. The rest of the body twitched falling off the disc into the great darkness. Beccs’ hands still glowed with the deep green energy. “You okay Hun” She said offering me a hand. “Yeah course i’m fine” I said hefting myself up using her hand. Lupin’s hand finally appeared at the Edge of the disc “Little help here” he called. Kingsly stuck a muscle arm down the chain and moments latter lifted Lupin onto the disc. “There you go Sir Lupin” he said dusting his armour off. Lionday lifted himself up and staggered towards me. His fur mattered with his blood but he semmed not to notice. We all let out a sigh of relief the fight over, but Saria’s crys shook us back into horror. Her voice still Echoed “Emm’s heart stoped”.

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  1. Grammar errors, spelling errors, and this is a fanfic of an actual campaign.
    Johnny let it go you guys lost and getting your happy ending meant either the Fey Wars or the end of all the gods.