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Chapter 9 Sticks and Stones Yellow

Chapter 9 Sticks and Stones

There where dozensens of skeletons and they all came at us in waves. I pulled out frostbiter wishing I had a hammer. “Beecs try to break the spell that’s animateing them.” I said as a big skeleton crashed into my sword. “Guys form a wall” Lupin cried over the rattle of the skeletons. On the outer wall was me, Lupin, Lionday, Kingsly and Em on the inside was Saria and Beecs. I heard ancient chanting from behind me as I tried to push the big skeleton away. My sword slashed into its arm but it had little effect. I turned my head towards Lupin who had a skeleton who still had golden hairs attached to its skull. The skeleton wore womans armour “Looks like even when there dead they can’t resist you”. “Yah guess you could say your looks could wake the dead” he laughed pushing the girl skeleton back it smashing it into another one. I heard a snort as I saw Lionday weave in and out of skeletons reach smashing there legs jumping through there ribs. On the boars back was Em jollily singing as she smashed the kneecaps of several skeletons. The skeleton I still haden’t dispatched finnaly found his sword well a sword it probably wasn’t his, it being stuck through his ribs. He made a haphazared lunge at me that I parried. I put one solid boot on his cracked yellowed face and kicked him back toppoling him and several others behind him. I heard a crack and I spun to Kingsly side and saw what remaind of his skeleton. It was a pile of dust clutched in his bloddy hand was a femur bone. “AND STAY DEAD” he said wipping his face with an handcerceif he had on him. I quickly picked up a femur as well it would make a better weapon against them. “Lupin grab a femur and join the fun”. “Aye Aye captain pummel” He said cluching one. We proceded to crack there skulls open usually ending there return to life. However the second wave had taken the extra time to get there own weapons and were using them us. I got a nasty slash on my shoulder but my femur repaid the pile of bones with a crack to face.

In the fighting I hadn’t noticed that the chanting had stoped. I turned to face Beecs and saw her locked in battle with a skeleton. Saria held a dagger trying to assist Beecs in her fight. I ran over to them and lifted the monster up it struggled but I chucked it into the swarm of bones. “Hi girls hows it going” I asked. “Sorry Hon that monster distracted me from the chant but I don’t think I’ll be able to break it but I was on to something that might work give me a moment” she said. “Umm….. Need help Ralf” Saria asked. “Well you could grab a femur and get smashing but I think you should stay here and make sure Beecs doesn’t get killed.” I said not looking at her. Lionday finally ran out of luck and was grabbed by a skeleton Em toppoling of and scampering away. “Sorry lovely gotta go to work.” I said. “Hey you yeah you with the pig, don’t make me turn you into chalk” I shouted running at the glorified walking casket. Lionday swung out of his grip as my femur bone crashed into its skull. The bone broke, I quickly grabbed another femur to use. I saw Em return to Lionday jumping on his back and they continued there bash fest. I felt a piece of metal slash my back as I spun around to see the grinning face of a skull. It grabbed onto me with its hands. Just then Kingsly rammed into the creature sending it into a wall all that remained was a bit of dust. “Hon we gotta find a red skull if we do that we’ll end the skeletons animation”. “Alright Beecs anyone got ideas” I asked. Then we saw at the back of the room a skeleton dressed in heavy metal armour. It was well protected. Its red hands heaved a iron sword the size of Lionday. It launched forwards its red emotionless face fixed on us. “Found it” Em said a small finger pointed at it. “Sir. Rafel may I take him” I heard Kingsly ask. “Um sure go ahead Kingsly”. With that Kingsly charged at the hunk of metal leaping half way to him and slaming the femur bone into the iron cage the monster was in. The sword salshed his arm but he seemed not to notice. His mighty but delicate hands griped the blood read skull and yanked it away from the spine. The body toppoled but the head was still very much so alive. He tossed it at Beecs. Beecs grabed it and shoved it into the slot in the door. A blast of light shot through the room and we watched as the skeleton and there equitment turned to dust and was flushed out by a great wind. “YEAH DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT!!!” Kingsly shouted shooting his fist up in the air. A second latter he recoverd from his out burst his calm collected face returning “Yes so shall we continue?” he asked. “Yah I think we should take a break those skeleton weamon sure know how to treat a guy” He said rubbing a cut on his arm. “Yeah we could all use some healing” I admitted. “We can’t just wait here we got a forest to save” Em said. “Um… Guys I have a solution I don’t know if it will work but I have these” Saria said holding out a bag filled with bottles. Em grabbed one and looked at it “This is a healing potion. How do you know how to make these”. “Well you see my grandmother was the potion maker in the village so I picked up a few things. They don’t heal a lot and they don’t taste to good but there all we have” Saria said looking at her vials. We all took one and swiged them down, the flesh on my back came back together and so did the wound on my shoulder. Everyone looked better and there was still 3 potions left in the bag. “I would have preferred the wounds to the potion” Lupin said spitting onto the ground “What did you put in that potion” lupin asked. “Umm.. some mushrooms a little herb grass and bullywog juice” she said “Its what my grandmother did”. It was true the potion tasted like rotten fish mixed with bitter herbs and watered down to an annoying level. Getting myself back together “Everyone good” I asked. They all replied then we turned out attention to the door. On the door was a warning “To those who enter be prepared to die Hauta”. “Well guys looks like the fun just started” Lupin said his face beaming with excitement.

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  1. the fighting I hadn’t noticed that the chanting had stoped. I turned to face Beecs and saw her locked in battle with a skeleton. Saria held a dagger trying to assist Beecs in her fight.ratings