Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halloween is around the corner

It nearing Halloween and you know what that means yep i'm the happist man on earth. I love October second only to Chirstmans and December (But really those to really take the cake). I don't know why Halloween rocks i guess its the leaves changing, the deorations, the pumpkins, scarecrow the good movies, the music and just the whole idea of the holiday.

Where looking back on the dead we look at our fear and luagh. I enjoy doing this becuase of what i belive i do not fear death any longer so halloween becomes even better. Dressing up is also fun to when you have a costume which i guess i should work on but you know me (LAST MINUTE).

So thats it guys I'll try to do something or over but October is just jammed pack with stuff next week is D-NOW 2 after that is a trip to Scarawins which i shall tell you about later. Yep.

Bye for now -Lionday-

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