Thursday, September 23, 2010

TTC the new version

With a new year comes a new D&D campaign and with that comes a new character named Terra (Yeah teen titans). And the rest of the party Name of player, PC, Race/Class (Note not all are there actual names)
Grant, L.E.A, Warforged
Jean, Ryso, Avenger
Ian, Kebler, Elf
Sabrina, Charels Rock,????
Tabby, Renswind, Cat boy
George, Link, Elf
John, Shardy, Shard mind
Louis, Pansy, Ranger

So the plot set up is our group was hired to explore a mashion that was taken over by kobolds. So the first thing i do is climb up the wall into the 2cd floor. The rest walked in. I jumped into the window and was hit by blob of flesh. Kebler blew up a kobold. Renswind froze one. Link trying to protect L.E.A crit failed and stabed her. Ryso bloddied the leader. I mannaged to kick the blob off the 2cd floor. Kebler and L.E.A killed one toghether. Shardy shot the mass not killing it. Link dodged the blobs bite attack. Tabby was K.Oed. Ryso bloddied the blob. Charles got attacked while L.E.A missed. I shot a kobold out a window while hagging in a window (I know i'm that awesome). A kobolb jumped into a pit that was hidden. Kebler killed the blob. We raided the 3rd floor we got 5 silver daggers and 3o gp. We head down the pit. Lea is attacked by another blob while hagging on a rope. Charles turned into a snowman (DRUID POWERS ACTIVATE FORM OF SNOW MAN!) and was hit with an arrow. Charles was shot by every kobolb droped 10 feet and died. Shardy exploded a kobolb. Lea hit the blob (Duh it was eating you). Ryso killed one. I insulted one and milledly hurt its feelings. L.E.A got hit with some bolts. The kobolb i insulted commited suicide. Tabby stabed one. And the battle for that week was over.
MVP: Shardy killed many kobolds and saved my Charactor so he got extra points
FAIL: Charles turned into a snowman and was killed by kobolds come on you get a fail for that.

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