Friday, September 3, 2010

Lots and lots of pics

Another drawing i like it. I think i got the face just right however the tongue is lacking.
So this is a pic of Rafel Order of the stick style. The dialoge is a where are they now kind of style thing for the new campaign. Don't think Rafel is done tho i'm sure will have plenty more of him and lionday.

A new comic idea that i had ANIMAL CROSSING digitized. It may be a new comic or not i don't know till then.
COCO a monster from my own adventure. Stats on him latter also i'll likely continue to post things like this.
Aarakocra is a monster race from D&D. There not evil there just Monsters. As stated with the Coco i'll likely start a series of these.

LOTS of pics i felt in the mode to finish some and do some and my mom has a flash drive so now i can post time on the web YAY!!!! More will come probably. Have a good one.

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