Sunday, May 9, 2010

The 5th gen of pokemon

Well they have released the silhouette of the starter pokemon. I'm really really excited to see what they will be. Alright so i think the one on the left is either the grass or fire type for this generation why becuase of the tail looks like charmander or could they be leaves. Also fire and water have been known to stand on two feet Exceptions being cindaquill and mudkip. I think the middle is a grass type becuase its on four legs witch most starter grass types are exception being Treeco it could also be a water type but you know. The right one i think is either water or fire becuase its more bulky and also its standing on two legs.

They also have released two other pokemon and they look pretty cool and makes me think Black and White (the two new pokemon games) are going to pretty cool.
Here's where i get all the pics of them and also a good source of info of pokemon in general.

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