Friday, May 21, 2010

TTC 4&5

sorry for not posting in awhile but i'll make it all better with this combined post. I'll also do it in charector you ready alright then.
What they died for
After battling the hordes of zombies we saw light shining thourough the cracks of the door. Finally it was over. We turned to the crystal. William grabed the shard and said aha i can put this in my staff and as he tried to do so the shard levitated and floated around. It turned towards Elacron and nodded it then murged with is sword. It became a +1 sword. We left the temple and scouted out the dead bodies only finding 10cp. We walked to the inn and took a nice long rest and then we met up with Elister. "Ah good you have your pay you can go" he said. "Thank you sir where sorry about your theif" i said. "I was planing on killing him anyways but here take this young lady" he said dericted towards me. "WHAT i'm no lady just beucase i'm an elf dosn't make me gay". "Oh calm down ment no harm by it". I picked up the bag and realized it was a bag of holding. "Thank you sir". "Your welcome off you go". We left the inn and went to the mission board we found 3 quest one being for a pack rouges called the wolf knights, a fishing tornament and a goblin farmer who needed with some hobgoblins. After some talking and discussing we where about to go fight some wolf knights but then i stuck my hand into the bag and found a slip of paper. I read it and found it said help Elenol (the goblin). That became our new destination. Let me explain something I HATE HOBGOBLINS they killed one of my best freinds when i was a guide and sense i've had a hatered for them. I kill them on sight i show no mercy and i regret nothing. I show them the callus cruelty they showed my freind. We aproaced the farm which and a small farm house an barn and a large feild. There where several hobgoblins. Elacron took down one with a lobed of head. I drew my bow and fired i missed however lionday didn't and exploded out of the hobgoblins head i love that pig. Another hob atacked Willim and K.Oed him. However Shaman healed him back. Serethink destroyed another hob but was K.Oed by an arrow. Elacron landed another kill. Willim croch shot a hob. As Serethink lay bleeding a swords man creped up and sliced off his head. Elacron yelled and slashed another hob open. Elacron summoned his dog and it took down another hob. Tabby's charector appeared along with Evirick (Hanzah and Elenol's brother (did i mention Hanzah and Elenol where brothers)). Evirick screamed and said we had fufilled our purpose and where no longer needed he had his body guards attack us. Just then the barn blew up and a man flew out he said he was Serethink and not he was Serethink's soul put in its original body. Gnol (A big hunkering giant crossbow weilder) shot at sabrina's carector and succeded in hitting doing massive damage. Shaman was also seriously hurt by a bolt. Elacron was K.Oed along with Willim. A slide guared sliced Elacron into bits of flesh. The hobgoblins where down to one and there leader this lone hob decided runing was a good option and ran. The hobs leader moved to the slide guared (who was trying to kill it) and smashed it to bits much to my pleasure. This leader we called Legioner thoughout the battle i had been smashing him with arrows and had been succesfull and hitting him. He jumped over and knocked me around however i drew out my swored and plunged it into him. He fell into a fleshy heap at my feat. Shaman's spirt killed a eniamie of its own. Mikal (Serethink) burned the last monster to the ground the battle was over. The shared left Elacron's wepon and floated to a new person. It looked at the Paladin and Minotuar and moved on. It stared at Willim and screamed no. It turned to me and slowly boobed like a yes. However it moved on and saw Tabby's bander snatch (A pet that's vicious and deadly) it then absored into Tabby's weapon. The only thing left to do was to bury the dead.

Kill count.
1st Elacron/Dog with 4 (however he did die)
2cd Rafel/Lionday with 2 kills
2cd Shaman with 2 kills
2cd 1 for Serethink and 1 for Mikal (However Serethink died but they where the same person)
3rd Willim with 1
3rd Legioner
and then the others
Jean's character
Sabrina's character

Thats it for the school year however we might meet over the summer. If we do then i'll post those adventures to.

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