Monday, January 3, 2011

Vampires Rant warning!!!!

Sigh. I guess i it was time for this to happen. A rant on Vampires. But first props

Props go to a friend Erin Glosser who wrote a vampire book called Scarlet rain (Look it up) its really good. (She gave me a copy so nice)but after reading it well i thought about vampires and started to really wanting to write my own. (Yeah vampires are drugs)

But seriously there is so much Vamp fiction out there Twilight, (Look its on the list becuase guess what it gave a bunch of Teen age girls vampires) Circdue freak, (Its okay not the best but okay) and Vladimer Todd (Okay these books are like awesome).

But alot of vampires change down the original idea of vampires which is EVIL soulless creatures who's only pleasure is destroying the life of humans. They are tortured by them being doomed to a life that never ends. In this respect a lot of books fall short with a lot of characters being good guys or not evening drinking human blood. I don't mind this as much as other stuff because no hero no story.
Then there are the other things they forget/don't add for example Vamps have to be invited in (What!!!! yeah guys its true) but or they don't like Crosses (Showing there soul less ness) they can't cross water by them selves, Garlic, charming people, turning into a bat, wolf, gas and the to be all to end all not showing up in mirrors. Just thought of some more Coffins (most don't even say why they don't go nighty night in them), How to become a vampire (now a days its said that its a big sucking thing but before if they bit and killed they came back as a vamp to but under the orginals control well till he died) but also with other ways Black cats for example not being buried.

There are reasons these things happen or at least where thought of the reasons are that when vampires where thought of as soulless they couldn't touch a cross (Holy symbol no soul you do the math), Mirror or picture (They thought mirrors showed the soul no soul no image), Water separated them from the ground in which they where connected to.

Now another changing subject is how to kill them. The sun usually does them in but not always (Twilight why?!?!) sometimes they sparkle others (Half vampires usually) aren't effected. But wait folks there's more some have the stake which kills them (Pretty standard) or only freezes them (D&D had this Moonlight had this as well) when the stake is removed they go back to doing what ever. Then theres more um aggresive methods like choping off there head filling it with holy waffers (Crackers or something of the sort) and tossing it in a fire/river. Then there are Vampire protection. Garlic is usaully the main idea here (Sometimes it works Vladamire Todd for example) sometimes it dosn't (None come to mind). But there are others as stated above hideing in your house works becuase they can't come in unless invited (Most writers don't include this) public places won't work though. Then there's the finale method which is to either bury them the other way Vertical not Horizantal (Can't get out now can you) or leaving seeds around the grave the Vamp counts them and by that time the sun comes up and it has to go back to sleep (This isn't in there either).

And then there's the blood. Do they kill the victim or simply suck some out or are they "vegan" *Shuder* or do they drink donated blood or what. Well D&D has them suck life energy which i think works fore the Evil vamps but fore Heroic vamps i'll say any mix of Human and Donated adds a intresting mix. Vladimer Todd for instance has it so when you suck you make them a Drudge but you can un Drudge them to so most vamps either kill or Drudge un Drudge. Vlad drinks out of bags but later the hunger gets to strong and he starts sippin that human. (Joke)

Yeah sorry had to enlighten people on all the myths about Vampires just felt it was time to unload that baggage. ON TO WEREWOLFS!!!!! just kidding in general Were wolfs have an easier time staying true to there origins and in some of the older text they don't even change with the moon they change with a cloak or other item put on. So there!!!!

Rant warning over.

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