Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year!!!!!!

Happy new years guys. Sorry for not posting (dangit lost the readers again). I wish i could lie and say the holidays have been busy (Which they have) and I've done a whole bunch of new stuff (Which i haven't) and that i am now doing stuff (I won't) but as i said thats a LIE!!!!! I've been to lasy to even post the next part of the lost years and yes Part not chapter because its only part of chapter 3. Whats my new years revaluation to get done with this book so i can go back to just writing crappy short stories. XD Well see you later I'm off to play with my....
Wait I'll tell you what i got for Christmas YAY!!!
1. A wii (Not a repaired one a new one T.T was it really that hard to fix it)
2. A scanner (Hahahah now you can see my drawings or at least will see them.
3. Super Scriblenauts (Beat it in like two days)
4. Magical d20 soap (Soap with a d20 in it)
5. A sonic screwdriver (All blog post now are in sonic as well)
6. A light up d20 (From think geek of course)
7. The Dudgeon Master Guide (2cd ed Oh man read through the whole thing im so lame)
8. A wii game (The sequel to tales of synphoniah)
9. OH i kinda got my brothers phone (He got a new phone so hand me down time)
10. A new sketch pad
11. A bunch of new mechanical pencils (Like 50 a weeks supply)
12. 100 pounds (Dang cookies!!!!)
And a partridge in a pair tree. See what i did there 12 and 12 days hahahahahaha I'm funny.

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