Monday, October 18, 2010

Miniatures 2

A cage i made out of bits. Not verey good but it fills its purpose.
This is a fig for a freinds Female Warforged. I love this fig so much. I need to do the Hilt and i dont like how much the gloves blend in with the armour but meh it fits its purpose. I also messed up with the helement i should have done the glove color but instead i put black and well yeah. Other than that i think it looks pretty.
The mummy. I dont like how the fig turned out but i love this picture.
This is one my dad did a long time ago. Looking pretty good gob.
Thump. Hes a basic one but i like the gold on his armor that brings him together.
Jim the Zombie, who is he, He's Dead Jim. Hahahaha!!! The blade is probally the worst part but i think it looks better in person less pink more rusted.
Gimpy!!!! I need to do his base but other than that hes good.
Tac. Basic stuff snake bite leather, Mithra Silver, Sand green.
Princess The troll. I mixed Mithra silver with warlock purple and you get pink, The purple is Amynstight.
Tiki The goblin with the plan. This was my first one and i like how he came out verey nice looking.

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