Friday, March 26, 2010

"magic" item store.

I'm writing a adventure for a magic shop that has a strange inventory check out this item.

Glass gar: You hold the item up over your head and you hear a DUH DUH DUUUHHH. You are puzzled by this because it seems to be a normal jar. The jar can be filled with any of the following things, Lon Lon Ranch milk gives you 4hp back 5gp, Red potion heals 10 hp 8gp, Blue potion gives you back one spell 8gp, Purple potion heals 10hp and gives you back a spell 20gp, A bug to use as bait 2gp, A fish for bait 2g and a fairy that can revive a party member in a battle back to full health your you if you die 45gp. The jar cost 3gp because it’s only a jar that makes a noise when ever you hold it up.

That's right its a Zelda reference. You should see the rest lets just say i have an ocarina, light saber and animal crossing leaves.

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