Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It been a while where should we begin

Hey guys You know i haven't really posted in a while. I don't know why i have a ton of my adventure done so I'll share it with you. Hear is the first battle for all to see and play.

You slowly walk down the road to the town of Randar. Randar is a town in the country side. As you get close you see a smoke rising. You run to town at full speed towards the town. When you get there you see goblins running to and fro attacking every villager they can.
Goblin: Ac:10 Inct:+1 Attack:+3Damage:1d4 move:5 Hp:1 Will:14 For:13 Reflex: 10
They will be attacked by 12 goblins.
Once they dispatch the goblins they will be approached by a human fighter Gonzo. He’s the mayor of the town and will tell the adventures what’s the recent problems. Randar has been attacked by goblins frequently and needs someone to explore there old prison. They think the prison is where the goblins have set there base. Gonzo will tell them he’ll pay them 500gp if they go and explore the prison and see if it is in fact infected with monsters.

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