Saturday, May 21, 2011

Miniatures galore

So lets just say a few months in a book bag in the worst spot possible with no protection was rough on them. So saddly i had to start over and make more. So here's what i made
This guy was almost all done without a brush the base however was done with a brush. I really love this one the only weird thing is that he's scratching his butt.

This guy was made withought the brush (Didn't have it yet saddly) but i think i went back over and either dry brushed the orange and silver on there. Or it just leaked through. So blurry and he only has one arm.
The medics the awesome medics. The one to your right was made without the brust first but later i took a white dry brush to it and added the red. The left one i made i think the colors on it are a little bit to much but he's deffnitly cooler :D
I was testing out how to paint armour. Saddly the bone parts came out weird and i don't think red metal and silver go together well.
My first brushy. Isn't he gorgeous with his cultist appel. Now something about him that threw me off he has a human body but on the figgure he had a skeleton head. I took the paint glopping it on the face to cover up his boney face. Now he's ready to rule his undead minnons.
Ah Goblin/Troll/ monster things. I like to make them all diffrent by useing diffrent belt colors. However the weapons also give them away and skin tone as well. The blue one is a sea Goblin (For my new campagin). I really like the 2cd one on the right (The one with the mourning star). Hes just the right color.

He was red and yellow then he was orange then i threw in gold. Hes really a mess of a man oh well.
I'm constantly messing with this skeleton trying to make him look better I really hate that shaft really gonna recolor that.

I plan to put a weapon on that Gobbling but till then he's gonna take down adventures with his fist of JUSTICE!!!!

Well hope you enjoyed this look at Miniatures. I have more on the way XD these will be like 10 times better hopefully.

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