Sunday, January 3, 2010

If there is a Harvest moon game better than this I haven't played it yet. This game is brilliant purlly brilant. In this harvest Moon game it focus on raseing a faimlly and liveing a wonderfull life. You play it like most harvest moon games harvesting crops and rearing live stock. You have a limted selection of animals but it still is good enouth. You have Cows (diffrent breeds), chickens, ducks, a goat, sheep and horses. You also have the abilty to get a cat and will have a dog with you from the start. The story of Wonderfull life is your father worked with his best freind for years to get a farm sadly your father never got to see that farm. You now are working with his freind to run the farm.
In the first year you are expected to find a wife in the game. You have 3 eligble girls to choose from. If you can't or dont want to put in the effort to court a girl the'll propose for you. If you still decline you will lose the game period. Other than that the game lets you do what you want. But there are concucunsis.
The problem with wonderfull life is the lack of holidays which are few and arn't exactly improtant and you could miss them all together.
You have lots of carectors to talk to in this game and some carchtors will leave others will die and you might meat new ones.
This is also the only harvest moon game that i know of where you die and acually grow older.
I realy love this game. Its one of my favrioute games of all time.

Stay tunned for my rune factory Frointer reviwe.

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