Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Yeah i know its the mars mission color sceme. The chain is there so they can fly low on a droid army and take down droids without fireing a single missle or takeing other enimes off there gliders. The seat also swivls so they have a 360 vewie at all time. Theres also my evil shadow and the storm trooper in the lateer picture.
Clone trooper glider. They make it go faster by pushing down there foot. (the reason is that they can go hands free to kill droids or put on make up or drink hot coco) the controls is also the same way (the orange slope piece)
It has a mostly brown with blue and gray spots on it.
Side viwe of my steam punk racer. The box engines have flames coming out of them. The driver can pull the chains to steer the racer (it moves the boxes thus turning the cart)

I did these racers for fun hope you enjoy.
PS. So i found out this wasn't my 52cd post hahahaha so this is actually my 50th post and its also the 1st day of December by now. I came to this revelation when i realized i had saved some post but never posted them (for good reason) and it counted.

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