Monday, December 21, 2009

Oddish #43

Oddish is the grass poison dual type pokemon. It lives under ground during the day to absorb sunlight then during the night it comes out and marches around. Oddish is concederd a pest by many farmers becuase it sucks nutrients from the soil destroying the crops. Farmers now pick oddish and eat them. Or they release them into clear feilds to live. Becuase of the consumptions of oddish became popular many farmers have started to acually breed them. The oddish have deffrent flavors depending of the taste of the people the soil compostion and the climate. Mountain oddish are more tough and have a taste similar to a potato. The river oddish are more liquid and are perfect for canning. Becuase of its perfectness at canning the river oddish is the most wellknow oddish. River oddish are bigger and softer and have a tomato taste. Plain oddish are fatter and have a cabbge taste to them. The wild oddish are varey rarely harvested, they are said to have a nuty and squash taste. Oddish can evole into gloom in which they lose all ediblty and usally leave farm lands so some farmers have started to train oddish that plague them so they will become glooms. This then makes them have protectors for there milltanks and other livestock and crops. Oddish should have at least 5 hours in the dirt each day. In the night they will be more activy and willing to battle. They will obtain nutriants from the soil there in, so the soil there in should be replaced by soil every week. Trainers could just plant there oddish every day or carry there own soil.
Oddish evole into gloom at level 21
Oddish can learn a varied amount of grass and posion atacks. They should however evole into gloom for more moves. They are more focosed on spt atack.

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