Sunday, March 11, 2012


So I decided to revisit the original and add some shading to where his body is. I think this looks really good. Adds some depth to it.

This is the final peice. You can see I'ed about to take on something in the dark. I added some Sound effects and some magic comeing off his magic.

I'ed about to fight some beast in the dark.

So this was the completed form, I might come back and update it as his equipment added.

This is the sketch i did and then scanned up. I really don't like this how time consuming and how much it hurts my hands. However it turns out really well. Hope you guys enjoy it.

So I'ed is a character from a D&D campaign I'm playing in. I'ed is a cleric and through various stupid and awesome decisions his God dropped him. Then another God came to him and gave him more time to save the world. So I'ed got a pocket watch that ticks down to his death and that allows him to use special powers at the cost of some time.
His magic is also clocked based as seen in the picture. The two hands rotate and tick. He can shoot out clock hands (Green is damage while he can shoot out a blue for healing). He'll gain various other powers as well. (And he's my highest level D&D character ever at level 4 :D)

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