Thursday, June 10, 2010


In this Table Top Club meeting Borrow, Amalinda, Rafel and Lionday decend into the tressure room of the fort. There we found gems that contained pure magic. We also found a rune when all five of us where on it we where teleported to the past to see the forts finale fight. We saw 5 demon lords attacking the fort. The leader was able to kill the ghost we met but not before he completly beat the crap out of the dragon rider. The leader then broke through the message and attacked us. He was strong to strong and he was able to kill us all in one or two hits. (Note the charectors in game don't know this) but he offerd Borrow an aliance to let us take out the others then side with him she didn't give an answer. We all woke up and proceded to explore finding more gems. I found this one door that i could not open why lionday put gems into a contraption. During this Borrow knocked out Amalinda and took her form (Rafel has no idea what transpierd nither does Amalinda).
We had to cross a room full of traps Rafel and Lionday just ran through it and came to the treasure room. The room was full of the magical gem and in the center was a sword. I picked it up and on my lips was the name Frost Biter. Borrow morthed back and stuck her twisted blade into the gem it sucked half the room of its energey. It became a +2 and gave Borrow a state boost as well. I also got a stat boost and my sword was a +2 and can never roll a 1 on a damage roll. We left the Treasure room and met up with the ghost he told us that Frost Biter was a his sword and then he possesed my bow giveing it special powers. After that the fortress started to colapsed in on it self so we ran for it.
Alright :D

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