Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wizards of waverly place's emy and more *RANT*

Well I've been recently informed that Wizards of Waverly place got an enmy. Where did I get this knoladge you ask. They told me in the break before comercails. "Your waching the emy award wining wizards of waverly place". First off let me tell you what they won. They got there emy not for good writing (which it isn't) not for good acting (which they somewhat have) no they got the award becuase there they only t.v show besides *cough* GoodEats to even do spiceal afects. Guess why becuase there the only kid show that has a need for them. Which now there flonting about.
By the way guess which got best animation......Phines and Ferb. Now that show I have nothing ageninst. Its a good show whith clever writing insane plots and only one really bad carector. Whos that you say...Candice. Now shes a okay carector but I just dont get why she has to keep on trying to bust her brothers since we have already seen what the futer turns out as (she never does) and what happens if she does (the dream episode). But I still dont think PF deserves this awaerd. I think CARTOON network deserves this. I mean who has Ben 10 and Samuri Jack and Pokemon not to metion Starwars the clone wars and Bleach. All of which are more dramatic and not at all a kid show (okay so pokemon is).
Alright I'm done for now. But I'll be back for be contiued???

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