Tuesday, September 8, 2009

D@D Adventures

Wow been a week already. Anyways I have been getting this craveing for D@D because I've been playing with my dads friend. Since he left on a trip to Florida me and my brother have been trying to find a way to play D@D. Our solution play our own games. Now if any of these readers want to play contact me. If any readers are going PSH D@D. Well wait for my next post which may change your mind. Now i have one word for you. Playing D@D is like reading a book except you can change the ending. Its not a bunch of pimply teens who just want to kill orgers. Its a few adults with some teens. Trying to save a kingdom or find a cuase for a problem. Mabey its them on a acdintal quest. Mabey there saveing a town. Mabye there a bad guy. They could be ripping off some merchants or other adventures. Well thats all for now BYE.

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