Thursday, August 20, 2009

The skeleton castle

This was my first Lego set. This set has been though 2 years. Bye now all thats left is the dragon (no wings and the tail only has the first part) The knight and his horse (lost the sowrd) the castel (with out any of the bones tho I still use them). The wizard Has all but disenergrated into nothing. I use his body in a minfig called Master I use his wepon and beard for the black wizard and i dont like useing the wizards head. I lost the hat and I never had the Cape. Btw i really like the skeloton castle. Its verey srudy. I also traded the horse with my freind for a completely black horse with red armour i use him for my evil guys. Okay so no more back story. This set is a great set. You get alot of minfig the princess i still use frequently. The skeltons are just plain alsome. The knight is not that good ive seen beter. The dragon is not fun to some point. It cant move the neck orelse it will fall off. The skelton castle part is okay. The drawbridge is okay. It can only go so far up and when it breaks its super hard to put it back. Oh and the top half can break verey easly. A drop from a table will destroy it. I know. Well thats it for todays post i'll be here tomarow for more.

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